How to play PS2 Games on PC 2014 (Best Settings) (100% Working) (PCSX2)

In this video, I’ll show you how to play PS2 Games on your PC and where to get PS2 games ISO for free. The Ps2 emulator is called PCSX2. *Become a YouTube Pa…
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  1. i just subscribed! now u have EXACTLY 3000 subs! :D

  2. I have 4770K and two 780 Ti on SLI configuration, will the SLI
    configuration work on this ?

  3. Thanks for this mate,can you tell me where i can download ps2 games with
    good speed?

  4. I’ve tried this emulator before. My PC’s not the best, but I can play games
    like Batman: Arkham City and Origins as well as Skyrim. I’m trying to play
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence on this emulator. When I first downloaded
    and tried the emulator the graphics were off and looked weird and the sound
    was off. After doing what you told me to do, I managed to get the graphics
    to look right. The sound and framerate however are still off. The sound
    sounds statically like someone’s holding a magnet up to it. It also drops
    with the framerate. The framerate drops very low at random points making
    the sound sound awful. I’ll have a framerate of 40fps and then it’d drop
    down to 9. Why are there these random drops? Is there a way I can make it
    easier on my PC to control the framerate? 

  5. My problem is that after downloading a game, it is a 7-zip archive file
    instead of a Winrar file, even though I have Winrar. After exctracting it
    the way you showed, its not an ISO file. What should I do?

  6. Is their a gamecube emulator o.0? 

  7. woah how did you get Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

  8. question i have DX11 but my tab only lets me choose up to DX10?

  9. i have a problem when i update the directX its not completing the update
    please help what should i do?!

  10. idk when i play my game i just come to the playstation 2 menu with the cd
    and 2 memory sticks and when i click the cd nothing happens

  11. thank you ! :)

  12. please help me with this:
    [wx] Failed to load shared library ‘C:Program FilesPCSX2
    1.2.1Pluginsgsdx32-avx2-r5875.dll’ (error -1073741795: unknown error
    Path: C:Program FilesPCSX2 1.2.1Pluginsgsdx32-avx2-r5875.dll
    File is not a valid dynamic library.
    Some kinda plugin failure: C:Program FilesPCSX2
    HotSwapping to new ISO src image!

  13. the link dead

  14. where is the PCSX2 downloader?

  15. You should probably write your PC specs so we can compare

  16. do you have any gameplay to backup these settings? I dont see any my friend

    Will an AMD octa-core processor, 8gb RAM, 1tb HDD and 2GB GTX 660 be

  17. U should show us gameplay 😉 but good job
    😀 (the 8 liker) :)

  18. where you that ghost COD ?
    is it for pscx2 ?

  19. every game i started say that i must have load save game something like
    that ?

  20. I’ve extracted the file etc, but I don’t get a ISO file. I get all these
    other files but not ISO. Can you assist?

  21. When I open the emulator it says MSVCR120.dll is missing, please help!

  22. I followed all these steps, and the first time i started the game, it
    worked, but it was kinda laggy. So i closed it. And now, i cant get it to
    work again. “PCSX2 has stopped working” over and over again. :( Too bad. I
    was so pumped to get into my favorite childhood game.

  23. i dont have command my keyborad not working please help?

  24. I cant hear the sound and how can i use a ps3 remote ???

  25. This video helped me. But the Emulator stopped working in between. You have
    any idea how to fix that..

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