How to: Project your Windows Phone screen to your PC with Windows Phone 8.1

Using the ‘Project My Screen’ app for your Windows PC, you can quickly project your Windows Phone 8.1 screen to your desktop PC and fully control the device …

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  1. +Akhi Joe unfortunately, you cannot use the keyboard. As the application
    only projects the touchscreen, you can only use your mouse. This means you
    can type or use the word flow keyboard with your mouse though.

    As for transferring files using the Project My Screen app. No. The app is
    only for emulating the screen of your Windows Phone device. You can drag
    and drop files onto your device with it plugged in to your PC using USB,
    but not through the app itself.

  2. It is still searching lol -_-

  3. i cant find project my screen app in my app store for windows PC. what to

  4. how to control your phone with your mouse Project My Screen ??

  5. I have a small problem. It does connect but the screen does not show up on
    the project my screen app.

  6. will it work on a xperia u?

  7. It freezes in Searching.I’ve got Windows 8.1 in both devices but anything :/
    I restart the phone and I instaled and unistalled the app in my computer. I
    also tried connecting and disconnecting the usb cable but nothing.
    May it be because every single time I connect the phone, The WP app (file
    manager) in my computer opens?

  8. project my screen is not appearing in my settings

  9. Is there software that will working with an windows 7 PC?

  10. Wow it’s so smooth! BUT is there a way to do this the other way around?
    like, projecting the pc display onto the phone WITH the USB cable and not
    WiFi. D: apparently no one on the internet knows. pls halp anyone. thnx

  11. I have Nokia Lumia 822, I dont have the project screen in my settings. Can
    you help me?

  12. can you do it on windows xp?

  13. will it work on nokia lumia 521

  14. i have just updated my phone and it does not seem to be finding my computer

  15. My Phone Doesn’t Show Allow Option!!!! Is There Any Problem With My Phone
    It’s Still Searching????????????

  16. i have a windows 7 im not seeing it in my settings how do i get it for my
    pc @micro tech

  17. Thanx a lot.Previously, i had problems too, now it works all nice n smooth.
    Thanks again!!!

  18. Thank’s ! buddy

  19. Thanks for the advice on uninstalling the old Windows Phone drivers. Worked
    like a charm after that! Kudos…

  20. how did you control the phone using mouse?? This is not letting me sleep..
    Please help. I want to know how exactly you are able to control the phone
    using your mouse….

  21. How do u do it for your TV?

  22. it works for me, great feature

  23. @Cliff i have lumia 822 too and i updated to wp 8.1 with preview for
    developers and it has project my screen at settings

  24. It didn’t work. So I tried to uninstall all of those things in Device
    Manager with the phone unpluged, but everytime I desconnect it those option
    simply disappear. How can I uninstall them if when I unplug the phone they
    fade away from that list of devices… D:

    I forgot to say that when I plug the phone to the PC again, those options
    come back again .-.

  25. Thank you Great Tutorial

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