How to properly configure the SSD as boot drive and HDD as storage drive

In this episode, Linus answers the frequently asked question about how to properly configure the SSD + HDD setup. He covers boot sequence configuration, drive initialization as well as software…

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  1. That’s more complicated than it has to be.

    Go to “C:UsersYourName” > Right click on a folder (i.e Downloads) > Click
    “Properties” > Click “Location” Tab > Click “Move” > Select your secondary
    hard-drive. Congratulations, now all of your downloads will be saved on
    your secondary hard-drive and not your boot drive. Do this with other
    folders like “Documents”, “My Pictures” etc and your all good in terms of

  2. How can I safely move my bestiality porn collection to the ssd? Will it
    load faster? It’s illegal in my country. 

  3. I already have windows 8 and when I installed it on my computer I only had
    my ssd plugged into sata, but when I select my samsung ssd as the boot
    option it says “Reboot and select proper boot device” what’s up?

    P.s. when press f11 to go into the boot menu there is an option called
    “Windows Boot Manager (P2: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB)
    Is that option booting from my ssd?

  4. If I get an SSD, do I need a HDD?

  5. I want to use both SSD and HDD as storage devices. Im going to put all my
    pictures, saves, and music etc to the HDD and im going to install all my
    games that i play onto the SSD. Is that possible? Will i be able to do this
    following this tutorial?

  6. If I get a SSD and put my Windows 7 64 Ultimate to it alone will my Windows
    be faster? and if I have videos/photos/files on the same SSD will it have a
    impact on speed ?

  7. What happens when i add an SSD to my system where my Windows is installed
    on old HDD, and after short period of time i decide to upgrade to new OS
    and install it on that new SSD ? What do i need to do with old OS on HDD in
    this case ?

  8. Is this a good build and will all parts be compatible?

  9. I can see the SSD in my BIOS, but it’s not in my disk management. Any

  10. So i need to install windows into ssd and other programe on Hdd??

  11. Me and my friend have tried everything to get his ssd working, We have
    looked through bios and listened to the wise wisdom of teh interwebz, it
    used to show now it wont show on bios or disk management… after 6 hours
    of trying to configure this bitch im almost ready to throw it out the
    window HILP PLS

    He has a gigabyte motherboard and a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD

  12. recommend me a good gaming desktop/laptop under 300 usd plz

  13. The trouble I’m having. Got the SSD to install Windows 7 and work as the
    boot drive, now I can’t get it to recognize my HDD, even unplugging the SSD
    won’t work. I’m already back in the boat of you don’t need an SSD, this is
    pointlesss. The boot times are the same as my optimized hard drive. Maybe
    1-3 seconds faster. Too much headache for this shit.

  14. I installed a second [E] drive. After bumbling I got it initialized and
    formatted and it shows in my computer. I have stored videos and pics to the
    E drive but had to split screen and drag a video or pic to the E drive and
    click copy here. Is there a way I can more easily get things to store to E.
    Seems OS7 has C as default. I am new to this so go easy please and thank
    you for posting

  15. My question is that the drive I have now, or rather its replacement after
    RMA, is a 2TB drive. I plan on picking up a 240gig Intel ssd in a month or
    so. Would all I need to do on the 2TB drive is establish a partition that
    is 240gigs or less, which holds the OS, commonly used programs, etc, with
    the rest allocated for storage, and then just transfer that 240gig
    partition over to the ssd when I get it, and do the configuring Linus
    showed after that point?

  16. Would putting my games into the SSD be a smart choice? I’m not really
    familiar with SSDs but I understand that HDD are meant for storing bigger
    files and such.

  17. skip bayless xD linus reminds me of a young skip bayless

  18. Linus, r’ly? Guys if u don’t know how to transfer your existing os or
    reinstall it from scratch onto SSD, just go and buy a xbox/ps4 console. The
    things what should be on the SSD: your OS, utilities, most demanding games
    (256GB most reasonable choice atm). All the storage as “my
    documents”/music/pics or any other media/download/junk/etc.. should be
    placed on classic hdd storage (up to 4TB at reasonable price atm), I prefer
    green ones – silent, low power consumption. Fast, silent and cheap, simple
    as that.

  19. I’m looking at a new build with an SSD at the boot drive and a WD 1T as the
    storage drive. Once I’m done with the build, and I want to start the OS
    install, will it ask which drive I should use at the outset? This appears
    to require an OS already established for some of the settings that you
    point to adjusting. Thanks!

  20. That intro is an intro for Porn. Just add some uhhh ahhh isshh sounds.

  21. Can you raid a SSD and SSHD? My SSD has 256gb and the SSHD has 16gb of SSD
    and is a 1tb Western Digital drive.

  22. I’d love a way to set the secondary hard drive as default when I’m
    installing something. I had no idea you could change the music and photo
    library locations in windows. I’ve been wanting a way to do that for
    years. All I had to do was right-click. I need more tips like that!

  23. how do you fix your hard drive if its not showing in bios help please

  24. You installed Windows in LEGACY CSM BIOS MODE and do not have a UEFI
    install with GPT dork!

    I seriously wonder if Linus still does this when he installs Windows.

    I have seen a couple prefab machines from the NCIX guys and not one had
    GPT/UEFI installed properly.


  25. Can I do all of this (test boot build, go on bios, and install OS) on a tv
    screen? Not interested in buying a monitor at this point.

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