How to Remote Access Windows 7 from Windows 8 How to Remote Access Windows 7 from Windows 8 Remote access a computer in the Network Configure links…


  1. In windows 7 “remote” I cant see allow connections from computers running
    any version of remote desktop

  2. It doesn’t work. Windows 8 asks for an email address to use the remote
    desktop control.

  3. How would I be able to access my home computer from work? Would I use the
    192.168.x.xx number or the public ip? I’ve tried both, my computer is on
    and I am unable to connect. (Also, I WAS able to connect using a different
    computer on the same network)

  4. hmmm i enabled everything on the windows 7 and got ip address and i entered
    the address and it didnt work?

  5. Hit the desktop icon

  6. Thanks….

  7. I keep getting “An authentication error has occurred. The requested
    security package does not exist.” Please help me.

  8. Thanks. Great video.

  9. Nicely done, Miguel! Thanks!

  10. Thanks, for making this video it was so helpful ; it made it so easy. I
    really appreciate you taking the time to post this. :-)

  11. I am trying to access a windows 7 PC ethernet to modem from a windows 8
    laptop wireless. You said there was a link to enable port 339, is that what
    I need to do? All I see in remote desktop is my laptop.

  12. Hi Miguel. Thanks for a great tutorial. My sister has Win7 and I have Win8.
    I want remote access to her computer, so we followed your step by step
    video. When I attempt to connect, I get a message “Remote Desktop Gateway
    Server is temporarily unavailable.” My sister (Win7) was on-line, so not
    sure what we did wrong. We did get her IP addy and I set it up on my remote
    access window like you showed. I know we tried doing this many months ago
    from other instructions I found here and there on line, so not sure if we
    made some changes somewhere else on her computer or mine that maybe we
    shouldn’t have? Any ideas, or just what is that message telling me,
    exactly? Thanks! Kathy

  13. Thank you Miguel, I’m happy I can access my computer at work from anywhere

  14. What to I do if I dont have the options for remote desktop at 1:39 are not

  15. You tutorial was very easy to follow but if you could help me with my
    problem with the password, it says it is incorrect when it is not. Has
    anyone else had this problem? I hope I can find out before this weekend. I
    want to connect from my laptop to my business computer.

  16. Everything works fine until it asks me for my password, it says it is
    incorrect but I know it is right. What am I doing wrong?

  17. Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate only right?

  18. Bang on! Miguel ty – big thumbs up

  19. didn’t work

  20. didn’t work

  21. hi I did every thing that you told but still i can not do remote desktop
    from windows 8 to another windows but i can do from windows 7 to my windows
    8 can you explain plz

  22. all it says on mine is “remote computer cannot connect to remote user for
    one of these reasons: 1)remote access to the server is not enabled 2)the
    remote computer is turned off 3)the remote computer is not available on the

  23. It could be because the computer you are trying to send an invitation does
    not supports remote connection. To see the Operating systems (of Windows)
    which support remote connections click this link(instead of ” – “, put a
    slash ( / ) :

  24. What can you do if you don’t have the right options available on the 7
    machine? When I follow these steps, it says something about remote
    assistance with a single checkbox, but enabling that doesn’t work (I’ve
    checked everything else and can access shared files just fine) and I can’t
    seem to find anything about remote desktop.

  25. try disabling the firewall at least temporarily and re-try

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