How to remove Window 8 and Install Window 7 / How to downgrade window 8 back to window 7

How to remove Window 8 and Install Window 7 / How to downgrade window 8 back to window 7

SUBSCRIBED AND LIKE PLEASE!!!! How to remove Windows 8 and Install Windows 7- How to downgrade windows 8 back to windows 7 Driver Link notebook-dr


  1. can you do the same with a lenovo y420p? Because the lenovo y410p is 8.1
    and i’d like to change it to windows 7 64bit so i can play games.
    Wished windows 8 wasn’t invented. Some people now can’t play BO2 and

  2. How do we go back to windows 8

  3. Will this erase all my stuffs that i have on it?

  4. My pc came with win 8, any way of getting win 7 on it?

  5. please upload a same video for samsung laptop.

  6. What if my counter came with widows 8 out if the box?

  7. It screwed my computer up

  8. I don’t have frame way sitting what I can do??

  9. is there any risk of data loss???

  10. Does it get ride of all of your files please respon fast thanks

  11. I cannot see what you’ve clicking dude.. your camera is very high.. useless

  12. No good if you have no disc to boot from! Can you tell me where you can
    get a bootable disc for windows 7?

  13. Installing windows 8 was the dumbest decision I ever made. I hate it and I
    hate my laptop because of it it’s so annoying and weird 

  14. It says I need a boot disc 

  15. Many “THX”.. I got rid of much trouble!!! Thx again!! 

  16. hi can you help was trying to format my window 8 pc and halfaway comes up
    with message saying a file missing now mp pc will not let me do any thing 

  17. Are you using a camera from the early 90’s? Thumbs down.

  18. fucking noobs downgrading

  19. Thanks

  20. i also have a problem on changing Windows 7 from windows 8! It show error
    while installing windows 7 and partitioning new drive something like this
    “DT filetype must be change into NTFS to install windows in this drive !
    any solution ?

  21. If you don’t like windows 7 anyone can u put it back to 8?

  22. Thank you it helped me out a lot :)

  23. Another question sir. I have windows 8.1 and I have been trying to backup
    my windows 8.1 but it seems to not have the option to use a disc instead of
    a usb. I have done everything, I have disconnected all usbs and then
    restarted, I have also tried to restart my laptop without anything
    connected to it except my blank unformatted disc. Also, do I have to put a
    check mark on ‘Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery
    drive’? Cause if I put a check mark on it becomes 16 gb, but if it isn’t
    checked it’s only 250+ mb. If you do not have these same options then let
    me just ask how big your recovery disc is?

    Additional information, when I search ‘Windows 7 File Recovery’ nothing
    comes up. But when I put in Create a recovery drive I get a large box.
    People say it’s the same and I got a link on how to do it with a disc but
    it doesnt seem to work. :/

    Can you help me on this sir?
    Link :

  24. hello!!!!!! I have download for free with torent widnows 8 . windows 8 in
    the start worked nice but the next day I couldn’t go to internet and have
    sound please help me send me a message in my email

  25. Thank you for the tutorial sir, now my toshiba laptop runs on windows 7, I
    wanted to ask, how do I go to the bios setup? Since it’s on windows 7 and
    it has no advance startup like windows 8(UEFI).

    Is there a method like advance startup to access bios aside from clicking
    the function keys when the pc boots? As it’s so fast and there’s no
    instructions(like press f2) to go to bios.

    I suggest that you should NOTE all those who are going to reformat from
    windows 8 to windows 7 to download their drivers in advance most
    importantly their Wi-fi driver or ethernet driver as those will most likely
    not get installed and the people can’t access the internet. Good thing I
    had another pc here to download drivers and transfer them to a flash drive.

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