How to Screen Print Your Own Shirts

A simple guide to getting started with screen printing. Read more here:

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  1. hi if you are out there can you listed down the materials to do it for me 

  2. @thatguyslacks If you’re doing it how you say, it’s cheaper to have
    somebody do it for you. If you’re just fucking around to make one, do it
    the over-simplified way. It’s more fun to mess up and do it over anyway.

  3. the only thing more lame, than making a first comment, is making a first
    comment and realize that you’re not the first…

  4. Cool beginner video. For tutorials for printing t-shirts in mas production
    visit our page. We can also show you an emulsion that has a shelf life of
    two years.

  5. nice

  6. Watching this was like watching a surgeon take out a bullet with a crow
    bar. The video is riddled with over-simplification. If you’re thinking
    about trying this yourself, this is a good overview, but there are a ton of
    details figure out before expecting this to work properly. Keep
    researching… Emulsion type, ink type, screen mesh count, exposure time
    and light distance from the screen, curing the ink… the list goes on of
    the things that need to be taken into account to do this successfully.

  7. Don’t, then youtubers don’t get money. Just play flash games during the ads

  8. WTF? All that effort is not worth it.

  9. i have done this the profesinal way

  10. how many shirts can you print with one screen? cheers

  11. @BranVel as many as you want just gotta keep the ink flowing!

  12. You ruin the concept you fagget.

  13. Get the Ad block plus extension for Google chrome. Its very useful

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  15. Or buy iron tshirt transfer

  16. Emmulsion? Like that shit in Gears Of War, fuck man dont spill it on the
    floor what ever you do!

  17. @zestytoaster yes but you dont get this sloppy silhouette mess. When you
    print one of those for ironing you can do PHOTOS with really sharp edges.

  18. To the pesron that asked if this worked if this qorked on roumd
    necks…….what the fuck do you think!?!?!?!?

  19. did he say 250 watt?

  20. yay under 30 club xD

  21. @CognosSquare Yea but those suck

  22. we have our weegee??? dun dun duuun! what’s he doing here?

  23. Your welcome…There’s a guy on here called Catspit Productions that has
    alot of informational video’s. Check him out as well,just type in his name
    in the search bar. Should take you right too it.

  24. Lol we did this at camp with half the stuff there just the ink, the screen,
    and some template cut out, oh and the sqee ji

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