How to Set Up Your 3D Printer from Monoprice

3D PRINTER: Subscribe to our channel: In this video, Anthony Gih, of the product development team at Monoprice, shows you how to set up and calibrate…


  1. Monoprice has added a Dual Extrusion 3D Printer for $999! is the best place to go buy your HDMI cables for dirt
    cheap. Over the past few years Monoprice has been adding other great
    reengineered products at great prices, now monoprice might be a great place
    to purchase your filament.

  2. jeez why such a large test file/object? awesome looking printer!

  3. Is this the same as the Flashforge Creator X? Looks like it. Can the bed
    temp be controlled with a PID instead of editing the gCode?

  4. You should print a Harmonica!

  5. Is from china 

  6. Can the Monoprice 3D Printer print a 3D printer?

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