How to Setup and Access VPN in Windows 8.1 Through a VPN users are able to access resources on remote networks, such as files, printers, databases, or internal webs…

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  1. I tried what you did and i got limited access to the internet on my vpn and
    when i click on chrome it opens to chrome page and no other internet page
    loads up 

  2. I followed your steps and I’m able to connect to the VPN but my computer at
    home doesn’t appear in the network and vice versa. I can’t access the
    server computer but the IP is correct. it gives me a network error. “Error
    code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found.” what can i do?

  3. How should I deal with Error 629? it says disconnected by remote server or

  4. Is this even possible with airport extreme I’ve tried everything for 2 days

  5. How do I deal with a .DotRas.RasP Exception error?

  6. how to configure vpn on windows phone 8.1 

  7. Hi migel ,

    May I contact you by skype and ask for your live assistance in order to set
    up my private vpn ? I need to access my printer from outside of my home.

  8. keep getting errors smh … something is blocking me?

  9. Internal port = private port?
    External port = public port?

  10. so i don’t know if youd be able to help me I might be missing something but
    it say that when I try to login to the vpn network with the user that was
    preselected it says that the username or password is incorrect, but I know
    for a fact that its not …….

  11. Ill create a vid on migrating from 2012 to 2012 R2

  12. Awesoeme dude ,, thanks,

  13. ill do. thanks for the support

  14. Very well explained,keep it up and please give us more tutorials….thanks

  15. already done

  16. yes

  17. Great tip, thanks!

  18. Thank you

  19. Hi Miguel, Its a great Video, Can I print Via VPN using Shared Printer.

  20. windows 7

  21. Another great tutorial Miguel – brilliant and thanks for all your hard work
    and time in making these, very much appreciated.

  22. Can you Show how to Upgrade from Win server 2012 to server 2012 R2?

  23. Hello Miguel Avoiderrors, my question is, can i set up a vpn and access it
    with my macbook, to share file and folders? Thanks for the awesome videos

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