How to speed up windows 8.1 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu

How to speed up windows 8.1 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu. Another method : Enable old star…


  1. @ChippingMaple28
    Do like this video and chose max of pros number .

  2. +doukkali walid
    I recommend to use 64 bit .

  3. hey when i fist did this i was dumb and had an option of 4 but clicked 2
    then i tried to change it then i could only choose 1 or 2 i choose one to
    see if that would reset it and not i cant change it at all, any ideas?

  4. i changed the number of processors to 2 but i have 4gb of ram should i
    leave it at 4096? 

  5. +Vakkanti Shivateja
    I think you checked “Make all boot settings permanent” .

  6. yo i have an question,i do all of your stuff you’ve done in the video but
    when i open the propreties in my computer,i see that i have 4gb ram but
    2.21gb are only usable,the last time i see it,it was 3.37gb.Is this

  7. I have 8 cores cores and 16384 mb of ram if i activate it all wouldnt my
    laptop burn to the last of scrap metal. Cause its a laptop.

  8. It won’t let me do misconfig what do I do? Plz help 

  9. on my computer, it had 4 processors, and like 4000 something of maximum
    memory. does that mean i can accept that amount and will choosing a higher
    or lower number slow down or speed up my laptop? 

  10. at number of processors I have 4, should I choose 4.

  11. How did you get a start menu? Will you please give me a download link? And
    nice video btw. Laptop is 10 times faster.

  12. Omg thank you very much now i can play games without lag

  13. I cant fing run. I am clicking windows key button+R but nothing happens.
    How should I do then?

  14. Why didn’t you show the result after applying these settings?

  15. @Michael Swanya
    Use 5
    Hope it help

  16. Very good video :) Why High Performance though?

  17. Since I followed all your steps, my laptop has become EXTREMELY slow, I’ve
    never seen something SO SLOW with a computer in my entire life before.

  18. when i check Maximum memory 4gb = 4096 then i restart i saw 4gb ( 3gb
    usable )

  19. I need nelp i have 8 processors on my latop should i put all of them on or
    only 2? Pplz reply

  20. Ove hot 4procesor should i have it on 4? Please answer bud

  21. Thanks so much, dude!

  22. Hey does this game increase your GHz because I need 2.60GHz for watch dogs
    and I have 2.40GHz

  23. i downloaded 8.1 but i will play games im hard lagging i had 8gb now i have
    nothing ?????????????? when i downloaded i fucking lagg so hard how i get
    it back

  24. not working cus the changes I’ve done on boot do not apply :(
    restart ==> reset settings

  25. Great video. Very informative. Thanks so much!


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