How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Computer Windows 8.1 – Free w/iTunes Library

Watch how to transfer music from iPod to computer Windows 8.1 with iTunes 11 – 2014. You need to see how to transfer music from ipod to itunes, if your compu…
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  1. Chris Little , Glad my video did the job for you. Thanks for leaving

  2. can you do a video on where it works on the ipod touch or iphone?

  3. hey nick i got a ipod touch 2nd gen how do i get it to show what yours is
    showing in this video im at my laptop right now can you help please i have
    over 400 sings and i just got new laptop please help

  4. Very helpful! Thanks

  5. I was able to get my songs from my ipod to my itunes as you described —
    thanks! However, my playlists did not transfer. I tried right clicking on
    them and then clicking export. I exported them to my itunes folder on my
    hard drive, but it did not consistently work. Any ideas on the best way to
    transfer playlists?

  6. Cheers Nick!

  7. This was extremely helpful! Thanks so much.

  8. thank god there are people like you in the world thank you

  9. Hey Nick,
    I have what may be a stupid question from a guy who’s never actually been
    on Windows 8 or 8.1 yet — new pc is on order. When you open up iTunes
    while your phone/Ipod is plugged into the USB, won’t your music just
    automatically sync (if you have set it to auto-sync), like it does on
    Windows 7? Do you NEED to cut & paste?
    PS you’re excellent at instructional videos! 

  10. I just see my camera. :(

  11. Wow thank you so much! I just found an old ipod with songs and I couldnt
    transfer them until I found this video. Why must apple make it so
    complicated? This is why I dont have a mac and will never buy another apple
    product again… Just making things complicated when it could be so much

  12. it doesnt get my computer doesnt recongnize the ipod touch at all

    help some one please

  13. I’ve just tried this but the only folder showing up is DCIM, even after
    showing hidden folders. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  14. You are EPIC! You saved me viruses, money, stress!!! Apple should really
    make this easier. It’s not fair they only let you copy bought music from
    their store.

  15. Your tutorial worked, but all my music is doubled. Like if an album has 10
    songs, it now hos 20. What did I do wrong, and how would I remedy this
    without having to delete every doubled track on every album? Help me help
    me help me thank you.

  16. the thing in the corner doesnt come up for me HELP

  17. This was a super easy video for a non-technical person to follow. Very
    step-by-step instructions that were clear, easy to follow and WORKED!
    Thank yoU!

  18. great video. after my laptop and external back up drive were stolen I
    thought all was lost with the 3000+ songs I had on my iPod. It’s great to
    have them back on a new laptop.

  19. After several people said it was not possible to transfer music from my
    ipod to a new computer, I have just done it with the help of your excellent
    video tutorial! Thank you so much!

  20. does anyone no why it only shows to open pictures and not music

  21. Can you help me nick? i plug in my ipod and i open it up but it only shows
    DCIM folder even when i put to show hidden folder.

  22. my ipod wont keep showing where the hard drive shows up…its there but
    then it disappears before i can finish what trying to do…how do i fix
    this an why is it doin that…trying to put my music from my ipod to itunes
    like u explain here

  23. Great video, easy to follow and best of all…it worked!!!
    Thank you

  24. Thanks! I just tried it with my music backed up on my thumb drive… Now
    I’ll have to try it with my iPod… I need my playlists. My thumb drive
    just has all my music – no playlists (don’t know how I did that but at
    least I have it)…

  25. You are a genuis! Thank you so much!

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