How to Turn off/on Windows Event Log 2011 – 2014 Still WORK :)

how to enable/disable windows event log Video start at : 0.50 in win 7 64bit /32bit and win 8 also 8.1 this video will help you to get more fps in GTA4 , Sky…
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  1. Your skype went off and I thought it was mine.

  2. Hello, i need disable Windows event log, i disable it but i can’t connect
    tot the internet ( error 711 – Cannot load the Remote Acces Connection
    Manager service ) please help.

  3. From where are you?

  4. Thanks!

  5. Thanks bro. Really helpful 😀

  6. wait waaa?

  7. wlnotify.dll is a library that contains application programming interface
    (API) functions to receive and handle notifications events generated by
    Winlogon… so u must not remove them from ur process computer…. mmmh…
    i think u can repair that error with software registry fix or using my way
    .. If you’ve got Wlnotify.dll error code then i definitely suggest that you
    conduct a free error scan.

  8. that is a blatant lie.

  9. Word of warning people if you disable it you cant defrag your hdd unless
    you re enable it

  10. @ramadinka Your accent is funny 😛 I’m from Belgium

  11. I cant find it :/ my san andreas has a problem in menu, i guess it is
    because of it.

  12. say what?

  13. legend thanks!

  14. hahaha mantep gan

  15. so it is safe, my pc won’t break?

  16. @ichstim LOL… yes i know that 😀 no problem… By the way thx for
    watching this video

  17. Yeah ur welcome :) thx for visit my video

  18. @RugbyWorldCup2011NZl oh yeah .. no problem 😀

  19. @ichstim iam from asia :) why ? where are u from?

  20. Can i haz your wallpaper :(

  21. video starts at 0:50

  22. Yes, and nope. But don’t forget to put it on again.

  23. yes it very safe

  24. there is no “windows event log” in services!! please help

  25. i’m from Belgium to 😀

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