How To Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update 1! (Build 9600.17025)

How To Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update 1! (Build 9600.17025)

2014 by Brandon Maxwell All Rights Reserved. Hey guys! Just showing you the process of uninstalling the Update 1 build 9600.17025.


  1. You know I think they are intentionally changing those KP numbers to make
    it more difficult for us to remove the updates. All I know if you don’t
    remove that update it will change you pc from windows 8 to 8.1 and you
    can’t use restore to factory settings ever unless you have the DVD or usb
    which you have to ask for. or unless you made one when you bought your
    computer that same day.

  2. Windows pc is a big piece of garbage i swear! So many problems with this
    update! This fucking update messed my fucking computer for no reason just
    because i updated this POS!

  3. thanx man i had some games that only worked on windows 8 i subbed.

  4. I cannot find 442. Someone needs to sue Microsoft.

  5. guyss …please help me out …i have installed windows 8.1 …and it has
    made my speakers,bluetooth …..stopped working …first speakers used to
    work after restart but now it is totally silent …what to do i dont

  6. I HATE THIS. I updated to windows 8.1 and it has made my whole computer so
    slow, it takes 5 minutes just to turn off. I am trying to do what you have
    said but it is coming up with a message saying “you have not tried to
    install any updates for your computer” help a sister out. 

  7. I didnt install it but i keeps up popping up on a blue screen saying to
    update to windows 8.1 and it keeps on crashing something im on

  8. its not working :O

  9. it wont let me uninstall 442.

  10. Windows 8 and 8.1 really sucks if you are a gamer.

  11. good video but when i uninstalled it nothing changed, the install updates
    in the control panel disappeared, and now my laptop looks like a zoomed in
    piece of shit with small text

  12. What kind of Screen recorder did you use?

  13. Why cant i uninstall 046 i dont even have it..

  14. +Windows8TMHacks KB2919355 the unistall button does not appear pls help me

  15. How to install the windows 7 back again?

  16. i dont have 046 u am going to unininstall all of them


  18. i dont have 046

  19. I don’t have the file KB2932046

  20. How big is your hard drive? You have a 2tb Virtual machine.

  21. nice vid… now just upgrade your audio equipment.

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