How to Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update – Fix Some Files are Missing

How to Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update - Fix Some Files are Missing

INSTRUCTIONS 1.You can remove Windows 8.1 by refreshing your PC from PC Settings. 2. But Windows 8.1 will show “Some files are missing. Your installation or …
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  1. Okay i am in major problem.. I don”t know why or how to fix it but my
    computer connection stays on limited connectivity. (i tried other devices
    and they all worked) I need to fix this

  2. Im Pissed it installed by it self ugh 

  3. Fuck this it installed by it self now my screen id black my computer was
    workin fine ugh im do Pissed

  4. Will this give you back all the memory? The download size is 3.62 GB, so if
    I uninstall it, will it give back those 3 Gigabytes? 

  5. I can’t hit the download button plz help, I want to restore my father
    laptop to window 8 or fully clean the driver. Now my father has 8.1.

  6. Any help on how to get back my messenger app ?? :(
    I really miss it and please if anybody can help me just reply to this
    please .. :(((

  7. i updated windows 8 to windows 8.1 and after that, It doesn’t let me us
    any apps, please help me

  8. will the repair disc work or the 4 dvd set recovery ?

  9. i dont have win 8 backup or usb recovery now pls help me

  10. Fucking microsoft automatically upgraded mine to 8.1 somehow. I
    intentionally DID NOT WANT TO UPDATE IT.

  11. After tge update ny pc went crazy snd aisd it nneeds to be repaiered amd i
    had misssing files?!?

  12. P.S.It says user account is off and I can’t on please help

  13. You all Google “Asus Recommend 8.1 – Event” and see what Asus says you
    have to do on their PC’s b4 you update to Windows 8.1. I updated b4 I saw
    the warnings/recommendations and now I have problems.

  14. Why did Microsoft knowingly and deliberately keep it a secret that if you
    had Windows 8 Disc (as I) and it updated to 8.1 it now stops my
    refresh/recovery Windows Disc from working (I also have Media Centre Code
    Microsoft now tell me to spend the next 3-days or more backing-up and
    re-installing everything; and told me to do a complete re-install form
    Windows 8 and up.
    They should have put the warning is big Red letters next to the Update that
    stops our Windows 8 Install/refresh/repair Disc from working.
    Its like a secret cont-trick to get as many people as possible to buy the
    Windows 8.1 Media Centre version to fix the issue They Caused.

  15. i dont have a disc what do i do

  16. Ok so thank for da video but ir didnt help me I just had 8.0 and
    I updated it to 8.1 now Iit shows me recovery and none of it works I dont
    wanna take it back for them to repair it help plz

  17. i have a problam guyz….
    can any 1 help me….i updated windows 8.1 single langugage on windows 8
    store..and after updating windows 8.1…i had a face a big problem…i
    can’t refresh or restoe my computer…plz guyz help me out of this…..!!!!

  18. Thanks, I’m trying it now. My experience with 8.1 was enough to want to
    return to 8 ( actually 7 or XP would be preferable) . Also like krelbar,
    Bitdefender which works excellent is giving me messages that it has been
    8-9 days since virus scan which makes no sense. Microsoft is getting too
    pushy, with all their software that is newer, along with their creepy
    adware/spyware. They do need to concentrate on what ALL users want, not
    just corporate interests. Hope all sorts itself out soon. 

  19. This is lame. After you refresh PC, you have to reinstall all your
    favourite software and programs? Which means I have to spend many hours
    doing all these plus doing all the slow & stupid windows update!

    Why can’t I do a System Restore (using a windows 8 system image) back to
    windows 8 with all apps/programs, updates & settings intact?

    Lots of computers are now sold with windows 8 pre-installed & no discs nor
    license key code provided. How do you expect people to use your method to
    do a Refresh when they don’t even have the disc nor key code?

    I also understand from MS that once you updated to windows 8.1, you can’t
    go back to windows 8, not even using the refresh or restore options. Your
    video did not show any proof that you have really reverted back to windows
    8. Show us the system details in control panel. I am not convinced that you
    have stepped back to windows 8.

  20. just bought a new computer not even a year ago updated windows 8.1 now my
    computer keeps freezing window 8.1 is trash microsoft needs to come out
    with something to uninstall 8.1 if i would of known the problems that im
    having now i would of never updated. so frustrated spent all this money
    for this computer now just to have it freeze all the time fix it
    microsoft.u have some unhappy customers how long do u think we have to deal
    with this.

  21. My settings didn’t work why ?

  22. I´ve inserted USB with the W8 instal and it´s still saying that some files
    are missing… 

  23. Best PC Tutorials
    I will loose all my files if i remove windows 8.1 ?

  24. What if you don’t have recovery media your product key dose not work.
    Generic key when typed in says i’m offline can’t get this done help!.

  25. But do you keep your files

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