How to update your Computer to Windows 8.1 Twitter: Twitter- http:/…
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  1. Thx !

  2. u need to do a video on error 0x80070422 this happens when i try download
    anything off the windows store plz help 

  3. When I click on the update button it brings me to the store but nothing
    happens after that. What do I do???

  4. 3:14… who is YummyANA and can you have her contact ME? Good work, seems
    simple and hopefully be the solution to some windows 7 problems I’m
    having… thx

  5. Im getting a new Windows 8 pc in a few weeks, so should it still let me
    download 8.1 for free?

  6. My solution: Format, install Ubuntu and be happy!

  7. It won’t let me download it says an error has occurred windows can’t update
    please try again or something like that, help anyone?

  8. the update button doesn’t bring me to the update in the store.

  9. it leads me to the store and that page in the video never ever shows
    up(which is titled windows 8.1) just never. i use windows 8 pro. one more
    question? do i lose all my personal settings, saved games, wall papers all
    those kinda stuff?i hate reinstall a new pc!!!

  10. 1st of all, You tell me your internet speed ???

  11. i clicked on it but it doesnt do anything

  12. only 15 minutes! wow. mine to0k like 2 hours!

  13. If I have windows 7 and get windows 8 can I then update to windows 8.1 or
    not ?

  14. will it format your pc?or it just left intact?

  15. when I click get update it does not do anything????? help

  16. when I click “Get the update”, It takes me to the store, but not the page
    that you got. It just takes me to the home page. Help?

  17. Does it remove my data or just gives me more features?

  18. you rock dude

  19. Thanks, I tried updating but I found out I already have it installed.

    Check your system settings to check your OS Version

  20. i click on the link and it just brings me to the store home page can you
    please help, tired of leaving comments and not getting a reply

  21. if i klick download, then it just won’t download. idk why ..

  22. Don’t work 

  23. For those that the update wont show up, you need to do all the windows

  24. Hi everybody,
    Since I upgraded to windows 8.1, I have been experiencing some problems.
    I cant run any apps on the start screen (weather, mail, skype,..). I can’t
    even access PC setting. I had the same problem with windows store, but I
    somehow fixed this issue after I scoured the web.
    Now, I have tried to update my apps thru windows store, but in vain:
    ”This app wasn’t installed……..something happened and this app couldn’t
    be installed…error code: 0x80070002”.
    Does anyone have the same issue?

  25. I have Window 8 PC, and start update. Somehow is said error. I have no
    ideas how to fix this. Do you got any ideas? 

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