How to use DualShock 4 via Bluetooth on Windows 8.1

This Video will show you how to use your DualShock 4™ on your PC to play xbox 360 controller for windows games easily with obviously a better option than the…
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  1. how does the wireless option takes place here ?

    does the Dual Shock 4 Controllers uses the xbox360 controllers Sensor to
    provide Wireless activity? (i have an xbox360 controller and its wireless

  2. it works for me but i’m having a problem. idk if it’s the controller or the
    settings but it keeps doing things on its own. Like i try to move to the
    left i do and once i let go of the analog the arrow goes allllll the way up
    to the right or something. 

  3. This procedure didn’t work.. Shows “no controllers found” in the
    ScpServer.exe program 

  4. Not clear at all. Very confusing.

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