How To Use PS3 controller on PCSX2

Hello Youtube today I am going to be showing you how to connect your PS3 Controller to your PC Make Sure you also have a USB cord for your controller so you can hook it up to your PC Good…
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  1. i cant use the analogs 

  2. Sorry to say this, but that tool is broken, i have no green background at
    all and it isnt installing anything.

  3. dude you sound just like Andrew Garfield 

  4. My emulator is setting the buttons with no issue, but once I get in the
    game the buttons are unresponsive. Help?

  5. he sounds like walt jr.

  6. Medion laptop 17.3Inch hd

    Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

    intel’r” Core”TM” i7-3612QM CPU @ 2.10GHz


    8GB RAM DDR3

    Intel”r” HD Graphics 4000 – GeForce GT 640m 2GB

    Can i use emulator on my laptop ? 

  7. intel 2 duo 2.20 ghz 2.20ghz
    gt610 card g/c
    can i run ps2 simulator and play games? 

  8. PCSX2 the dont see the MotionJoy and I did everything yousaid someone
    please help me

  9. it keep saying theres a error

  10. will it work with gameware ps3 controller?

  11. when i load the driver, it says “ERROR: Install Motionjoy Driver
    fail…error code:…”. PLS HELP! :(

  12. All mine says is wait for controller to be connected and when I clicked on
    the driver manager it’s stuck on the 2nd step for a bluetooth pair
    something or another… Halp!!

  13. brother, you made my day! danke.

  14. i do everything you shows, but i can’t move in the game…

  15. I tried this, and motionjoy has script errors and doesn’t see my controller

  16. didnt work

  17. Thanks, I was looking for that 

  18. How To Use PS3 controller on PCSX2

  19. What’s cross on the controller

  20. i cant set analog sticks.any help???

  21. the dualshock 3 native mode is grey out for me says I need lilypad

  22. Will this work with a controller connected via USB cable?

  23. wow when i install drivers my fucking mouse stops working

  24. I have set up my controller but when I start the game, it is not detecting
    my controller why?

  25. Thanks for the tute, I can finally play shadow of the colossus

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