How to Use Windows 8 Remote Desktop on Your Android Device

How to Use Windows 8 Remote Desktop on Your Android Device Head to our site above for the necessary files or to comment and to…
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  1. It doesn’t work on windows 8 or 8.1 and it only works thought same network
    … so it’s useless!!

  2. You cannot use it “one the go”. This video bullshits people. 192.168… is
    only local address so you are only able to connect PC within the same

  3. The reason its saying nla thing error is windows 8 is “denying access” so
    you have to enable “access” by going on your PC and go to PC settings and
    on the far left press “advanced settings” and go to remote tab and check
    mark “allow remote assistance connections to this computer”
    Now uncheck “allow connections only from computers running remote desktop
    with network level authentication (recommended)” and click OK or apply.

  4. Hi After all of this and pressed trust always a popup appears says nLA
    logon and keep typing my corect password nothing happens ;( HELP


  6. Does not work! Microsoft is making things f****ng complicated! 

  7. Why would this only work for Windows 8 Pro or 8.1 Pro? All Windows can use
    Remote Desktop.

  8. it’s asking me for some nla logon shit that i don’t have the credentials

  9. Cannot connect to my pc.How to fix this.Please reply

  10. This has to be the most misleading video on the Internet.

  11. This method ONLY works if you are connected to the same network your PC is
    connected to i.e. if you connect your phone via WiFi to the same router
    that your PC is connected to this method will work. If your phone is
    connected to the internet via HSDPA/LTE then you have to enable port
    forwarding in your route which is a bit more complicated. I’ve managed it
    and this app is by far the best Remote Desktop app for Android to use on a
    Windows computer.

  12. I looked at this guy and my first though was “Yeah, I could trust this
    guy.” I don’t know why.

  13. doesn’t work it just says unable to connect to remote pc

  14. Just get connection error

  15. Do you know if it has been updated to work on Windows 8.1

  16. It says “Unable to connect to remote PC. Please verify Remote Desktop is
    enabled, the remote PC is turned on and available on the network, and then
    try again.” What can I do?

  17. not using windows+R

  18. its showing connection errror can you please help me out

  19. how do i fix this issue? “connection error: Unable to connect to remote PC.
    Please verify Remote Desktop is enable, the remote pc is turned on and
    available on the network, and the try again.”

  20. can i connect if i’am not on the same network ??

  21. Really Microsoft you guys suck then again they always charged for this
    feature but come on will you throw us a bone instead treating us like you
    did win 7 starter (cant change the backgrounds ) I understand the apps free
    but to use it.its 99 bucks whats pro come with besides this that’s worth it

  22. what if i didnt setup a logon for my PC

  23. how to use this with bluetooth

  24. finaly i make it i am on 8.1pro
    one question how can see the android screen of pc?

  25. So many steps you can do that with the app ES File Explorer go over LAN and
    chose you PC under you network is usually named with you IPAddress enter
    you computer’s username and password.

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