HP 15-g019wm for $300 at WALMART: LAPTOP REVIEW

on sale at Walmart. These laptops will be good for using Microsoft Office, but not for playing high-end video games. *YOU’D BETTER BUY THE 8GB MEMORY UP…

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  1. For everyone complaining about windows 8.1 just download classicshell.

  2. I don’t Know what the flip you are trying to say I love windows 8.1 when I
    saw it I would of promoted my employees not flippin fired them

  3. LOL you are funny.

  4. I just got this. But mines running real slow. What can I do to fix this?

  5. can I upgrade the amd processor it has I want a 2.4 ghz 

  6. Does anyone know how to remove the hard drive?

  7. Does your disk drive work? I got two but neither disk drive works. Do know
    how run the disk drive or get it to pull up?

  8. I’d like to take the time to thank you recommending this computer. I’m
    currently using a Dell Inspiron 15:50 laptop that is running Windows 7 64
    Bit Home Premium. I’m definitely going to go to my local Walmart to
    purchase an HP computer. In the past, I had to return my laptop to Best Buy
    three times in the past year and a half. I purchased this laptop back on
    April 24, 2012. This year, my Best Buy warranty for this computer has
    expired, a year after the one-year Dell warranty expired. My laptop has
    been working just fine when I got it back the third time on October 18,
    2013. Later, I would always, get a message every time I’m charging my
    laptop. The message goes as follows every time I check the battery status.
    It says, “88 Percent remaining. Consider replacing your battery.” Now, it
    says that when I am draining down the battery if I’m in a different room
    without the charger. Now we know that laptop batteries are super expensive.
    Now, let’s fast forward to the beginning of November of this year.
    Actually, it happened a few days ago. That “consider replacing your
    battery” message has left, and every time I charge my computer, I get the
    message, “0 percent plugged in, charging”. So, I have to be near a wall
    outlet like if my laptop is now turned into a desktop computer. After this
    computer dies, I’m considering going out to Walmart, and buying an HP
    laptop. I hear they are very good computers, and after reading Dell laptop
    blogs that were posted online, I would read posts that mention how those
    that bought laptops from Dell, would get irritated if Dell technical
    support doesn’t get back to them in a week or two, in reguarding computer
    issues. This is a good computer overall. However, my gripe is dealing with
    losing work, or stopping a youtube video if the charger gets unplugged from
    the unit. $300 for an HP computer at Walmart is nothing. I bought this
    laptop for $654 dollars, and the HP laptop is hell of a lot cheaper than a
    crappy Dell laptop.

  9. This laptop is so slow.. I bought mine and it’s the worst experience ever
    for me using a computer I am returning it.

  10. Touchscreen?

  11. goes off on a Rant about windows software,, If ya don’t like it why buy two
    laptops with 8.1 on them?

  12. this computer is fine for home entertainment,good for surfing,dowload music

  13. I have a similar laptop but with no button to open the cd drive, how do I
    open it please? I tried the computer option but it does not have a cd drive
    is not available in the computer option so I can’t use it? Is it possible
    that I don’t have a cd drive?

  14. Pity you spent so much time whining!
    I would have loved to have seen a review

  15. ok I got this laptop but mine doesn’t have the button on the cd drive, so
    I tried to push it in so it will word but it dosent. but it does say that
    It has a dvd player, so HOW DO I OPEN IT!?!?!??!!?!??!? +

  16. i want the product key of office 2013 on windows 8.1


  18. That rant just made my night

  19. I bought this laptop but its hassle
    When am trying to start the laptop screen its appear bounce until restart
    another time
    Guys May i get some support about this case?

  20. i love this laptop i’ve had it almost 3 months..i heard things like hp over
    heat so i got a cool works mini fan and i use that to cool it down i also
    put it on sticky felt pads to raise it so the air flow is good,..thing is
    super cool..i was stuck with vista got sick of it but my toshiba crashed no
    fixin it .Got this for 400$ no worried about the memory but if i was to add
    memory how do u open and put more in?

  21. I agree that it isn’t a gaming computer by any means however, it does
    handle Minecraft and GTA San Andreas fairly well on maxed out settings.
    Best $300 computer I’ve ever purchased

  22. Just get Open Office, just as good as MS Office and it’s FREE

  23. People just install Classic Shell you will like windows 8

  24. How do you open the cd drive?

  25. Can you put a cd in it ?

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