HP Stream 11 Review – A sub $200 Windows 8.1 Notebook PC – Compared to Stream 14

Buy it on Amazon – lon.tv/yqz50 (affiliate link) See all of my Stream 11 videos here: lon.tv/stream11 VIDEO INDEX: 0:08 – Hardware overview 1:1…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Really great review! I’m considering getting this as a notebook simply to
    blog with, as well as some light web browsing. That seems to be the perfect
    usage based on everything you explained.

  2. This seems to be a big blow to Chrome OS. Why would you spend more on a
    Chromebook when the HP stream is just as fast or faster, has more cloud
    storage as standard, can run many apps that chromebooks can’t and has a far
    better selection of games? I own 2 chromebooks, but if I had to make a
    purchase now I’d probably buy one of these. True, Windows has many problems
    and it is far less secure than Chrome OS, but having skype, a full office
    suite and minecraft probably outweigh those cons. 

  3. This review has been very helpful, I’m going to buy this for my uncle who
    only wants a laptop for writing papers for his students and portable enough
    to take to class. Someone said on an Amazon review that this has an HDMI
    port, which is a plus. I might even try to install some indie Steam game.
    Great review. :)

  4. HP just released their under $200 Windows PC – the Stream 11 . Here’s my

  5. What are the speeds on the eMMC flash memory on the Stream 14 and 11? I saw
    you do a test on the 7. I wonder if they all use the same 32GB NAND part? 

  6. How do you reformat it? there’s no thumb drive/disc/recovery partition :|

  7. lol I have the same coffee mug.

  8. Do you still need to download Anti-Virus software’s for this just because
    it’s a Windows 8.1? I’m curious because i think I want to buy one but I’m
    hesitating because of online security problems. If anyone could answer this
    I’m grateful and I highly appreciate it Thank You……


  10. Hey Lon, would you suggest this laptop over the Toshiba Chromebook 2 for
    someone who’s a writer (not really a gamer)? I do all my writing on Google
    Docs, so Office does nothing for me.

  11. Do u think this is good for jobs like processing videos with a capture card

  12. The hp stream 14 processor the A4 6400t is better overall than this one it
    scores higher in both the pass mark test and pass mark single core test, in
    addition the R3 is better than the bay trail GPU. Shame about the Octane
    test but in general the A4 is better as well as consuming less power. 

  13. I can’t wait to buy this, and like some people are saying I’m going to
    treat it like a Chromebook. Only without as many limitations. Still going
    to act as if the browser is the most important thing and use web apps. Only
    thing I’m going to download is the Pokemon TCG game and an iTunes
    alternative. :) I don’t understand people who buy low priced products and
    expect everything.

  14. Thinking about getting this. Could I be able to play some games on steam
    specifically games like Hotline Miami?

  15. Do you think this would be good with Adobe Premiere Elements 11?

  16. Awesome review!!!! My wife and I were considering buying this and after
    your review we will most likely get it! Good Job!!! Your Reviews are clear
    and easy to understand

  17. Hi
    I have some questions about the windows version that come with the HP
    stream 11
    first / can you change the display language via language packs ?
    second/ can you add windows media center ? 

  18. Do you think this device would hold up well for college courses? A majority
    of my classes will be online and I’m looking for something price friendly.
    One of my teachers told me windows 7 is the best to get but is 8.1 good
    too? The only windows 7 devices I see are older laptops, I don’t know
    please help lol. 

  19. I would prefer the 200$ Acer C720 Chromebook. It’s CPU seems to be much
    better in octane (around 10-11k). I got one my self and intend to put Linux
    on it.

  20. The screen looks a bleached out…was it cause you dimmed the brightness or

  21. and za subscriber button :D

  22. Lon, I would like to ask you which should i buy. The Hp Stream 11 or the
    Toshiba Chromebook 2? Or should I just wait for some other new release that
    are budget friendly too and might be better?

  23. I’m curious what the initial start-up time is like? Also waking from sleep

  24. hi ron i was looking at the for one of my children for school. and for
    under $200 it looks ideal for i don’t want her carrying around a laptop
    worth $400 to $500 and becoming a target. so do you know this world do for
    school. thanks

  25. Hey Lon! I have a quick question or two. I need a computer for doing school
    papers, projects etc., would this be a great choice for that? & also I have
    an HDPVR Gaming Edition #2., do you think this computer could handle
    recording software ?

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