HP Stream 7 – 99 dollar tablet with Windows 8.1 – Hands on [ENGLISH]

HP Stream 7 - 99 dollar tablet with Windows 8.1 - Hands on [ENGLISH]

HP Stream 7 – 99 dollar tablet with Windows 8.1 – hands on mobilegeeks.com We finally got to check out the new HP Stream 7, which is available for…
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  1. I think most people who would buy this tablet already have a Desktop or
    laptop that they use and just want this for basic things, as it is more
    portable. Like my mid 2009 Macbook may have better specs than this, but I’d
    much rather carry this tablet around school than my MacBook because it adds
    5 pounds to my bag, which really slows you down. I could see this being a
    thing with businesses or people who travel a lot. 

  2. A device with disappointment written all over it.
    You can get away with running Android on those specs, but not full-fat x86
    A 3000mah battery won’t last long running Windows on a (relatively) power
    hungry Atom chip.
    It’s poor value, you’re better off with something like a Tesco Hudl 2
    (£129) or HiSense Sero (£80 to £100)

  3. $99 in the US
    129 Euros in Germany

    Who the hell comes up with these dumb pricing ideas??

  4. Spend the extra $40 for a WinBook with 2 GB of memory.

  5. Loved the comments from people trying to say android is a better more
    stable os that windows, how I lolled

  6. I get a laugh out of people who’ve been using android junk but expect a
    bargain-basement Windows 8.1 tablet to run like a full-fledged pc. This is
    for people who want a basic tablet that has Windows 8.1 functionality and
    networking. It is what it is and looks like it can’t be beat for the price.
    If you want more, then your gonna have to pay more for something like a
    Surface. This ain’t no Surface and doesn’t pretend to be a pocket pc. If
    you have grand delusions of using it as a pc, you’ll be sorely

  7. Check out the winbook TW801 from microcenter. Almost the same specs,
    except 2 gigs of ram, all the IO is on one side: and it has hdmi micro
    (that actually works, not like the thinkpad 8 inch) micro sd card slot,
    micro usb charging (you can get data over it too) and a full sized USB 3.0
    slot. This 8 inch tablet is $140, but i got it open box for $111. This
    little guy blows away the competition for 8 inch windows 8.1 tablets, and
    utterly stomps it at the price point. Ive wanted a cheap 8 incher for a
    while and this one won my heart.

  8. I just bought it and get no wifi connection. it tells me that there is no
    driver installed…. WELL DONE MICROSHIT >_>

  9. @hyylo its a tablet mo*** its for consumption. And windows now have apps
    like GTA V, Assassin Creed , Sonic Dash , farm ville , Asphalt 8 , Tiny
    troopers, Modern Combat , Six guns , Talking Angela and co All fully
    OPTIMIZED for TABLETS. STOP spreading nonsense if u like android buy it, u
    don’t like windows stop telling people not to buy it you don’t even have
    the device.

  10. The main concern is… Why doesn’t it have a card slot!?

  11. What’s the difference between the normal one and the signature edition one?
    any hardware difference?

  12. I wonder if the 1GB RAM gets in the way of basic tablet uses, ie moderate
    web browsing, mail, etc. Thinking of these for my parents since they don’t
    need many apps. 

  13. That tramp stamp on the front is just ugly.

  14. why would anyone want to purchase a windows tablet. once you install a few
    programs, virus scanner and the weekly Microsoft updates these tablets will
    be slow as fu*k. 

  15. £129!? Wow. It really is a good deal in the US at $99 (I think that’s about
    £95; I’m not sure about the current rate).

  16. When the same devices sells in the US vs EU it is usually the same number
    in dollars as in euros but even higher here. So Germans have to pay $161
    while I pay $99. It must suck to buy tech in Europe.

  17. After seeing some gaming, web browsing and other rewiews on this HP I’m
    fucking impressed by How fast and smooth it is, this will definitely be
    under my three this year

  18. 99$, rendes Windows 8.1

  19. To reduce battery drain, go into settings & turn off all unnecessary apps
    running in the background & alerts. I turned everything off on my Dell
    Venue 8 & it really did have a positive impact on battery drain.

  20. went down to $70

  21. Guys check out Bart baker’s lips are movin. It really describes about what
    people think of this hp tablet lolz 

  22. the best video loud and clear and to the point. thanks so much.

  23. I got a nexus 7 2nd gen and find it annoying that it can’t play flash or
    Java. This windows tablet is a good thing, and why have windows taken so
    long to bring out a cheap tablet? Android is dominating the market.

  24. does it have a mic? if so, what’s the quality on it. thanks 

  25. This comes with 32GB standard in the US. And there is a memory card slot if
    you remove the back cover.

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