HUD Evolution + RainMeter Windows 8.1 Pro x64

“Preparche.rar” – Shell32 Patch –…


  1. Install the components as they’re listed up top in the about section.

  2. whats the background?

  3. Sweet setup man!

  4. when i restart the computer, it shows the black screen after boot! how can
    i fix this??? please help before my dad will beat me up!!!

  5. how do it setup, please?

  6. i fucked up totally , Dear admin tel me how to fix control panel , i cant
    go to Personalize and Control Panel

  7. I belive that i totaly **** this upp, i installed it all in order, and its
    still using the windows 8 “theme” changed my Explorer icons, back ground
    and i got the hud, but when i retry to install the mods in order all i get
    is difrent error codes, cant accses my controll pannel ether for some

  8. how to unininstall the hud?

  9. is hud evolution uninstallable

  10. como puedo quitar el fondo negro que deja este tema en el office para que
    se vea la paguina blanca y no un fondo negro por lo demas esta muy bueno…

  11. Guys i cant go to Personalize and Control Panel Fuck How can i fix it

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