Inside Microsoft’s model shop, where prototypes are printed in 3D

Joshua Topolsky tours Microsoft’s model shop with user experience designer Karsten Aagaard. More from The Verge: Subscribe:…


  1. ahh…
    I forget about Microsoft’s clone of Apple’s magic mouse. Apple too does
    prototyping of the same sort… but it’s fun to see that even a multi
    BILLION dollar company, can not duplicate Apple’s culture. They can copy
    their products all they want, but it will always be shitty. 

  2. Tök jó! :-D

  3. Microsoft hardware sucks

  4. Yes… The products are like 3D printed prototypes… 

  5. This is the room they take media asking about prototypes but the real model
    shop they use is called the Apple store.

  6. Tök jó! :-D

  7. that music is fucking annoying

  8. Tök jó! :-D

  9. There are a lot of ‘A’s in that ‘AAGAARD’ Name.Wow

  10. Okay, now I want a clear phone. D:

  11. The thumbnail is intentionally misleading as hell.

  12. what’s the song name is ?

  13. it will begin to sag like a uterus WTF!

  14. Inside Microsoft’s model shop, where prototypes a…:

  15. That thumbnail….so wrong

  16. So this is where they get it wrong…

  17. i will be purchasing that machine… #swear 

  18. …they are building the future, and I mess around with Excel all day for
    spreadsheets no one will see.

    time for a career change

  19. Good video with awesome music

  20. Howard Wolowitz has borrowed the robotic hand ;-)

  21. why cant the camera man hold still for a second 

  22. It’s ok, wait until you can 3D print organisms.

  23. Microsoft nixed the only cool idea they had, a clear phone. No wonder
    they’re taking it up the ass from Apple.

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