Installing PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator and Bios)

Installing PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator and Bios) 7zip (just in case): Link to bios: NO…
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  1. “The procedure entry point_except1 could not be located in the dynamic link
    library PCSX2 1.2.1pcsx2-r5875.exe”

    Happens every time I try to start the program. Uninstalled and reinstalled
    it. Changed the location of the install. Installed the VC++ seperately.
    Installed together. Installed a different version of VC++.

    Why will the program not run? I don’t understand what’s happened.

  2. pretty sure its illegal to download the bios and stuff from consoles off
    the internet due to copyright. in case anyone was wondering.

  3. Extracted the bios to a new folder, I then search for it while setting the
    emulator up, but I cannot find it. help please :)

  4. i used WinWar and 7zip and none of them worked its says cannot open file

  5. shit… when i browse my created bios folder… no selection appear..
    wtf…. i tried to reinstall then more errors i got.. missing blah blah

  6. The game loads, but it won’t show anything graphical?

  7. Bios dont show up at the end for me.

  8. Mine did not work at the last part the version of bios does not show up in
    the box on top plss help me!

  9. tnx very helpful and easy to understand.

  10. Hey dude, I really need to know: What kind of Screen Recorder Software are
    you using?

  11. thanks, this really helped my :)

  12. my home have one playstation 2 and i always play black by ea

  13. where i can find a playstation 3 emulator without virus??

  14. Nice! It works!

    Now how do I play the game?

  15. Thanks a lot!!!
    Even works on Win8.

  16. lol the effects made me dizzy but the quality of the explanation was good,
    thanks for the tut ;)

  17. Rated 10/10 this works. So do downloads in description with a little
    prodding (i got a bunch of ads to sort through first)

  18. Thank you :)

  19. i can download pcsx2 but i cant finde the biso files please help me thank

  20. it says i need a valid bios? can anyone help

  21. Mine says DVD player is not set up. What should I do?

  22. laggy :(

  23. can I use WinRAR instead of 7zip?

  24. thank you for the bios man

  25. i found this very helpfull! thx^^,

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