Intel® Wireless Display Setup and First Time Use

This video walks through the initial setup and first time use of Intel® Wireless Display.
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  1. can´t insll WIDI software on my acer V3 i5-3210m. it allways about…

  2. useful information
    Thank you!

  3. Wat to do as my intel widi app says I need up upgrade my intel graphics

  4. Don’t work on Windows 8.1. Worked on Windows 8.0. I have Netgear PTV3000.
    Windows must DIE. (sorry)

  5. what is that device to connect with TV?is it modem or what?@@

  6. you know your better of getting a cable and connect the computer directly
    to the tv. i use hdmi for connecting my com directly to my tv

  7. where i buy the netgear unit?

  8. He says read the licence agreement and accept it but he didn’t read it.

  9. sounds like his voice cracked in 0:27

  10. Sweet

  11. Can I download the Intel WiDi? Since my loptop only have Intel Atom.

  12. Cool. No more headache to play my videos on the tv, no more long hdmi cable
    is needed

  13. Trapzoids?? what does he mean?

  14. oh i need to spend more money to get this.

  15. hi, my laptop HP WINDOWS 7 ,INTEL CORE i7 , intel widi not install

  16. What kind of router, modem, or access point did you use?

  17. my widi doesnt even work

  18. What’s wrong with having a cable?

  19. Wow, I like it..

  20. Or you can save few dollars and get hdmi cable.

  21. A part from televisions, would this device work with any HDMI monitor ?

  22. This technology is very old. Apple invented mirror a long time ago…

  23. If somebody have a dell computer they are squired in so many ways. Spoke to
    dell for 5+ hours just to let me know that intel WiDi is not working and
    that dell and intel have to have a talk about it since even dell can not
    contact intel via phone or… exempt for email Be aware and ready

  24. my laptop is Toshiba window 8 Intel core i3 the Intel WIDI not install how
    can I install it

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