Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 Hands On

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 Hands On

Craighton is taking a look at Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1. === SOCIAL…


  1. Other browsers suck. They eat a lot of RAM, are user-unfriendly, slow and
    incompatible with a lot of websites.

    IE is the best. I use IE11 as main browser.

  2. I’m very frustrated, I cannot see the url address at the top of my browser
    like I used to – and I’m sure it must be an options – customise problem –
    but I could really do with a tutorial on how to enbable the web address
    bar. Thanks

  3. Im using Chrome 34,when i went to that website, it gave me 505 / 555 score

  4. Other browsers are far better, but if you’re on a platform like Windows RT
    and Windows Phone where Internet Explorer is the main Web browser, it’ll be
    just fine (besides some dumb stuff like making tab switching stuck in a
    menu on Windows Phone). 

  5. IE is the top browser to download other browsers

  6. internet 7 vs internet11 , what is better ? which has better options and
    what problems is it having ? can any one help ?

  7. Internet Explorer the best!
    Others sucks

  8. IE11 is the best I love it I tried firefox but it sucks I hate it

  9. I.E. is still a pile of crap. Yes – you still can’t do simple things like
    change the fucking skins on that ugly pile.

  10. I like IE11,because high speed.

  11. Hows this with Win 7 ?

  12. I believe IE11 incompatibility with some add-ons and some websites is a
    trade off for security.

  13. DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE You sound EXACTLY like MinecraftUniverse.

  14. can you help me, i cant open the internet explorer anymore, i used to but
    not anymore. anyways whenever i click on the internet explorer on windows,
    it opens on browser and tbh, i dont like the browser. can you help. please

  15. IE11 is faster than all the browsers on Windows 8.1. It loses to Chrome
    only on YouTube.

  16. Can someone explain to me why in fullscreen mode the address bar either
    wont go away or wo0nt come down?

  17. i got 463 with chrome

  18. how to i turn the modern interface back on for IE, i changed it to the
    desktop version on both and i cant figure out how to change it back?

  19. I have wait two weeks for my windows 8.1.. So my homebuild gaming pc only
    stands there :/

  20. IE has Adfender. Look it up.

  21. will IE11 look and operate the same on Windows 7??

  22. Ive got a windows 7 computer but internet explorer 11

  23. If i were to stick with Windows Vista Windows 7, will Internet explorer 11
    still work well with them both? and will the internet address bar, tabs,
    home, favorites, and tools icons stiil stay at the top of the screen?

  24. Fuck NSA convienent Chrome

  25. Build #9431 is not the most recent build of Windows 8.1 at the time you
    recorded this video. Build #9600 has been available for a few weeks now to
    MSDN and TechNet account holders.

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