Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1

Since people keep commenting for these features we have already covered, I’ll add a link to the other videos in the description first – Action Centre / Notif…
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  1. Needs an adblocker!

  2. why don’t you show how the tabs view is?

  3. Read Mode is an awesome feature :)

  4. IS that mario music?!

  5. Screw you!
    The first site you go to is GMail?
    Man, we are talking about Internet Explorer in a Windows Phone, go to
    Microsoft’s site or Outlook.

  6. @Subhankar Mishra Yes

  7. how come my L625 doesn’t get any update yet ?

  8. @dimka7g Just use Outlook.. And let it forward your Gmail mail.

  9. More Swype and scrolling

  10. nokia xpress skin

  11. carl zeiss

  12. I have just one question… Will it support streaming videos from
    youtube?for example I couldnt watch the presentation of Nokia at MWC
    because it was written that that type of video is not supported. I hope to
    get an answer))

  13. can it download MP3 now?

  14. thank you so much for all these WP 8.1 videos! it’s great :D

  15. The changes they made in IE 11 are huge

  16. Does the browser now ask if you would like your password/username

  17. I am still waiting for text re-flow next to the reader mode.I also want
    inprivate browsing and full screen mode.I am keeping my fingers crossed 

  18. amazing music ^_^

  19. @megamanxtreme2 I think you missed the point. Right now, Google’s sites
    render terribly on IE on Windows Phone. The new version corrects the issue.


  21. @Yash Maheshwari Can u plz post cortana video?

  22. GMAIL is still shit on Windows Phone.. And this is totally nothing
    Microsoft/Nokia could do, but the shitty anti-competitive bleaaahh Google..

  23. can you try playing some YouTube video on that ie11

  24. @IngiomarMartina

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