IOS 7 How to force close one or multiple running background apps Iphone 5 5s 4 4s 5c ios7 iPod

Quick video on How To close or stop your background apps on a IOS 7 device. It kinda reminded me of the Palm Pre webos devices. Anyways you would double tap on the home key and then you can…
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  1. I love how this video is from 2013 and the bug where even though you swipe
    the app away, the icon still remains. I have this happen on my iPad4
    running the 2nd to latest, 8.2 and both drives me batty and makes me laugh.

    Good video though! I’m sure lots of newcomers to ios7+ would benefit from
    this video.

  2. Thank You for your help!!! 

  3. Thank you sooo, I JUST GOT AN iPHONE 4S and no idea what it can do. you are
    a big help :D

  4. Thank you so much 

  5. That was easy,thanks

  6. thanks

  7. Thanks, just want I needed to know. :)

  8. Thank you so much for the tip! It took my days to figure this out! THANKS!!

  9. Thanks buddy I was looking for it :)

  10. No duh you must stupid of u didnt know this and had to look it up

  11. Thank you! Key word missing from all written explanations I’ve checked was
    “tile” – others made it seem you should be able to swipe the icon up to
    quit the app.

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