IOS 7 vs Windows Phone 8.1

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  1. “Very Faster”, Seems Legit. 

  2. the only thing that is better for apple are the apps! Nothing else! WP has
    such a beautiful design. Not something dead like android and ios. Its
    different. Personal. Love it!

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  4. @SoulKey I’d be more than happy to give your app a review if you’d like.

  5. windows ftw, i have 29 megspixe csmers with my 1020 lumia

  6. very fast growing company 😀 

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  8. windows is better

  9. Shit comparison, man

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  13. oh,very funny you forget your code…

  14. Hi You have awesome videos! I’m indie developer. Could you please make
    review for our windows phone game TrackRacing Pursuit?

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