iPhone 5s, 5c iOS 7 Parallax Background – How To Disable Moving Background and Save Battery Life

How to disable the iPhone 5s, 5c Parallax Background and save battery life with iOS 7. This tutorial will show you how to remove the moving background for th…
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  1. Hate the background movement on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? This
    parallax effect feature was added into iOS 7 but you can disable it with
    this simple setting. #ios7 #iphonetips 

  2. hi i just disabled the parallax effect but now i dont have animations
    animore ?!

  3. thnx

  4. Thank you sooooo much I have thiS safari page where you can get fake apps
    and if it’s stays still it is like cydia tweak :) I will give u page if u
    want ?? But I was trying find this but couldn’t thank u y earned a sub

  5. thanx

  6. Do u no a code that would unlock everyone’s phone

  7. Thanks, I hated the parallax thing.

  8. Thanks

  9. I purchased an Apple Developer account so I get the iOS 7 Beta version now.

  10. Ya iOS 7 comes out in fall how do u have it now

  11. thank you for this tip. was annoying the crap out of me…

  12. Thanx so much it was really good that i knew how to do it

  13. Well I am glad I helped you feel better.

  14. Thank you for this! This new system was making me seasick!

  15. I had no idea the Parallax background annoyed so many people. I don’t
    really notice it much and since the beta 2 my battery life has gone back to
    normal even with it on.

  16. does parallax work on iphone 4 ?

  17. Thanks for the video it was really starting to irritate me

  18. No problem. If you have any other questions about iOS 7 let me know or send
    me a Tweet @dandepenta.

  19. The battery life still sucks

  20. That is a good point although I haven’t really noticed an issue yet.

  21. But still, the previous iPhone Wallpapers won’t fit correctly. Can anyone
    help me out please :)

  22. Is ios 7 going to be on iphone 4

  23. How remove iOS7 from your iPhone?

  24. I don’t have ios7

  25. If you got the beta legally you can just do a full restore back to the
    latest iOS 6 version via iTunes. If you did it some other way I am not
    sure, don’t want to suggest anything that might brick your phone.

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