iTunes Store problem on Windows 8.1 solved

Hi, this is a short video how to solve the iTunes Store problem if you have Windows 8.1. Please subscribe!!!!

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  1. The song is:
    Life is beautiful by Tim McMorris

  2. didnt work

  3. Sorry read about this a few times and it doesn’t work for me.

  4. Doesn’t work for me, if anyone finds out a way to fix it, please reply to
    my comment!!! thanks. 

  5. Windows is garbage its sad that you have to do so many work a rounds to get
    simple things to work. By the way this little fix of yours did not work. 

  6. решение проблемы iTunes в Win 8.1 (после 5-7 мин. воспроизведения iTunes
    переставал нормально воспроизводить аудио)

  7. don’t work sorry with itunes 10.7 :(

  8. Didn’t work.

  9. Worked instantly. Thanks a lot!

  10. Didn’t work for me either

  11. Didn’t work :(

  12. Thanks dude!!!! So helpful!!!!!!!

  13. Thank you. researched websites with similar instructions, but left out
    “common files” part and others. Thanks for providing the best instructions
    ever. This fixed the problem. Now my iTunes work.

  14. thank you soo much dude

  15. Song

  16. Cool 

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