Jail Break Windows RT 8.0 and The Microsoft Surface Automatically and Run Desktop Apps [wrtapps.com]

wrtapps.com presents this video on how to jailbreak your Microsoft Surface or Windows RT Device so you can run Desktop Applications on it! Check o…

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  1. Does this work on nokia lumia 2520

  2. I think it would just be more convenient to get a Pro, since, Well you cant
    update windows (Meaning your more Vulnerable to Viruses, and security
    exploits) or else your Jail Break… breaks… if you want to update, you
    have to wait for the Coder to update the Jailbreak, after that, you need to
    wait for your Desktop Apps to get ported to a RT (non pro) version for
    the jailbreak, taking more time… and you cant get all the apps you
    usually can with a PC or a Pro, since not all are Updated to the “Desktop
    Apps on RT” Jailbreak. And can you 100% trust the people who are updating
    the Programs for this Jailbreak? I think the only one you should trust is
    if the Creator actually updated it, witch I highly doubt any Dev would make
    his Program available to a Jailbreak. So sure it costs more for a Pro, but
    looking at the Cons vs the Pros of this, If you have the money… Just go
    for a Surface Pro 1/2…

  3. I can’t play roblox… Bill Gates sucks

  4. I’m having a bit of difficulty… every time I try to run the jailbreak it
    says it’s unable to find a specified register key at this time, and I don’t
    know what to do…

  5. It’s ashamed that Microsoft made the surface run windows 8 RT. Since it has
    proven itself capable to run normal windows 8. Also a question, if use this
    jailbreak will I be able to use iTunes on my surface.

  6. it keeps saying that its running into an error, how do I fix it? here’s the
    snapshot I took

  7. can someone help me I jil broke it and everything but it wont allow me to
    run programs like minecraft still it would still say this app can not run
    on your pc look in Microsoft store please help

  8. Will Java and Chrome work??? PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  9. Hello my friend I downloaded this jailbreak and it works fine I’m trying to
    get surface mame to recognize my xbox 360 controller. How do I present my
    controller as an absolute mouse to my service when I install the drivers

  10. Will anything happen like will I get a virus from doing this that will slow
    down my tablet?

  11. It says “ERROR: THe system was unable to find the specified registry key or
    value.” Please help!!!!!!!

  12. Oooo and iTunes and such doesn’t work

  13. hay man thanks allot it completely fucking didn’t work thank you so much
    for wasting my time!!!!

  14. I was wondering why companies and individuals were dumping their Windows RT
    tablets. Now I know. Microsoft is embarrassed by all of the viruses
    damaging Windows operating systems, so they locked it up tight.

  15. All o want to do is run iTunes???? Can someone tell me is this possible.?

  16. Can you play minecraft?

  17. Does it work on rt 8.1?

  18. So with this can I download .exe files?

  19. runs google chrome and itunes?

  20. If I do this, would I be able to run iTunes on my Surface RT? URGENT

  21. does dis works on windows RT 8.1 plis halp me i realy want it!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Can you play games that are on the cd because it say I have to get the
    stuff from the App Store

  23. That shit doesn’t work on Nokia lumia 2520 8.1 RT!

  24. Can it play minecraft?

  25. How do you un jailbreak a surface rt

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