Katamari Damacy Full HD gameplay on PCSX2

PCSX2, the Playstation 2 emulator for the PC, gameplay video Website: pcsx2.net Forums: forums.pcsx2.net Game info: Katamari Damacy Region: NTSC Real ingame FPS: 60/60…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. i wanna the game for ps2 xD

  2. they used part of your game-play video in watch mojo… I think. 

  3. lol i can see the detection boxes

  4. Y U NO HAV SHADEWZ?????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. How the f**k was a 5m ball big enough to make a star

  6. Meh just dl beautiful katamari for like 5 bucks and support the devs, its
    very unique and would love to see another.

  7. Who on here actually bought this game?

  8. download link for rom?

  9. The poor cats and other animals :(

  10. Dat soundtrack.

  11. This is the funniest game I ever played

  12. i’ve had ps2 for 8 years.. how come i didn;t know this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. seems like this emulated version is missing shadows.

  14. James, the song is called “Walking on a Star!”

  15. i dislike the game 

  16. in the game when you are on ‘home planet’ (around 0:37 in this video), they
    play this acoustic guitar song that I am unable to find on the ost. Can
    anyone please tell me the name of the song or where to find this gem??

  17. How is it possible to record without it being slowmotion?

  18. read between the lines, dude. these guys are covering their asses. use your
    brain and troubleshoot yourself.

  19. @PCSX2team: Doesn’t it even go way beyond that (if not in this game, but in
    other katamari-games) where you get to roll up planets and galaxies? xD I
    faintly remember something like that.

  20. @slimpyman You mean “We Love Katamari”?

  21. Dupa dupa dubi du ba…

  22. How come there is no download link for the game,

  23. Yeah it’s awesome XD

  24. na.. nanananananananana…nana naaaaa…

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