Lenovo G510 (59406709) Unboxing and Setup

I found an even better laptop so I returned the Dell and bought this one. I also go ahead and upgrade the ram to 6GB. Specs are below: Intel Core i5-4200M Pr…

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  1. Can you manualy adjust the fan speed also what are the temperatures on
    idle/ load?

  2. I’ll get this laptop with FreeDOS so what do you recommend me, Win 7
    ultimate or win 8.1?

  3. Hi TGS nice unboxing. I was looking out for laptop and i have found this
    Lenovo Z50-70 Notebook series according to which one do you think is better
    Lenovo G510 or Lenovo Z50-70 .. and one more question is core i5 4200M is
    better than core i5 4210U what do you think

  4. please how can i turn on the wifi in this laptop ?

  5. dem graphics at 15:00 better than call of duty

  6. What about the Lenovo IdeaPad G50-70-01467? It’s around the same price as
    the G510. It has 8GB Ram and a dedicated video card(AMD Radeon R5 M230). It
    also has an i5 processor. Is it better or worse than the G510 which is also
    available with a dedicated video card?

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MXt8I909Zk this is the bang for the
    dollar see for yourself 

  8. did your laptop come with the “DOLBY advance audio v2” preinstalled or you
    had to install it yourself? if so can you please tell me how to install

  9. could this lenovo run Battlefeild 4?

  10. I wanna buy this but I don’t know which model… The i7 or the i5 or the
    amd graphics crad so much to choose….

  11. Chinese, you want to do a review and you dont know crap.

  12. i ve got the same 15 days ago and what really impressed me is that it doesn
    t get hot at all !!! i used it for web design and games ,movies and

  13. Is it a good laptop for Team Fortress 2 and PAYDAY 2?

  14. how the fuck i put the led lights on the keyboard?

  15. Can Anyone answer me pls in lenovo website it says Intel Core i7 And you
    typed here i5 idk want buy a intel core i7 ?????

  16. Hi man,I bought this same laptop 4 month ago and i found an annoying
    problem.When i watch a video from youtube at 480p (using iGPU) or in games
    like fifa 14(using AMD)i see a disparty i don t really know how to explain
    just look like a lag.Also when i scrolling i see a bit lag,


    Here two pics with my problem..My question is:YOUR LENOVO MAKE SAME
    ISSUE?or just my?

  17. what happened to the sound

  18. Hey mate, thanks for the video. I just ordered the same machine with i5
    processor and with 6GB of RAM. I want to expand the RAM so which sticks I
    should be looking for, any specific or just DDR3? Also, if with 6GB of RAM,
    that is probably 4+2?

  19. Are you satisfied with this laptop?
    I found the same pc with a good price and i’m thinking to buy it.

  20. Would this Lenovo G510 15.6-inch Laptop – Black (Intel Core i7-4700QM
    2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Intel Integrated Graphics, DVDRW, Windows 8.1
    Home Premium) run modernist games such as call of duty ghosts and
    borderlands 2 thanks (I believe this is kinda an upgrade from your one)

  21. Bro can you make a video with this computer playing lol? I wanna see the

  22. hey please help me to choose one of these two lenovo’s, i will start
    studies in computer science please help me to choose of them
    1. http://www.anhoch.com/pcmarket/index.php?cat_id=3003&pid=14089
    2. http://www.anhoch.com/pcmarket/index.php?cat_id=3003&pid=13884

  23. i have one just like that even better i have:
    Core i7-4700MQ,
    8GB RAM,
    1000GB SSHD,
    Windows 8.1

  24. How good is the webcam on this laptop?? Or will getting an external webcam
    end up being the better option?

  25. Can you play the game Runescape quickly on high settings? see if it runs
    okay as I want to get this laptop and will primarily use it for RS and
    school. Thanks

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