Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows 8

This video will show you how you can get the best parts of Windows 8 on your current Windows 7 PC. Links: Winsplit – Inte…


  1. Just use Newgen

  2. not how i expected……..

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  4. Try 8 Skin Pack

  5. Instead of Mosaic, you could also download Rainmeter and Install the Omnimo

  6. This dam auto correct i can’t find it

  7. Wtf, I don’t get this ….

  8. I Have a suggestion for the interactive background well… its more of a
    substitute. Theres something you can do so that you can make your
    background change every 5 seconds. But then again you could find a way to
    make an interactive background change like splicing them together.

  9. how to download the themepack?

  10. I can’t find it

  11. I can’t find it

  12. better not watch it then you barnacle head!

  13. Lol. That joke.

  14. Windows 8 vs Windows 7.Like for windows 8

  15. Windows 8 sucks and there is no reason to turn a perfectly good system
    (windows 7) into a crappy piece of shit!

  16. awesome man, first video i’ve ever responded to, informative, wanted to to
    exactly what video says, keep the $ rollin

  17. Obviously Beard lives in a BUBBLE! The purpose of entering a comment is WHY
    its’ here!

  18. no Ollie potterton fuck’s

  19. That isn’t his fault. You should’ve read everything carefully, that way
    you’ve would’ve known that you have the choice to not install those.

  20. I used windows 8 personally I can live with or without it besides since I
    have a laptop where windows 8 is at its weakest I learn to use the finger
    gestures witch I found in a HP help guide that came with my computer.

  21. windows 8 is better in a tablet, try one for yourself, look for it on the
    web how to get windows 8 on your smartphone/tablet

  22. download windows 8 transformation pack 6.5 much easier…

  23. yes, what is the application isnt in the metro interface.and you should
    consider that you have to scroll trough the metro interface.You would also
    never go to “All programs”. Instead you can just search

  24. Dude i love your videos and i have windows 8 already but i have a virtual
    machine version of windows 7 and i wanted to try it it worked great i
    reccoment gigafide for everybody else! -FZ!

  25. why would you wana do that? , people do the oposite

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