Make Windows 8 / 8.1 Look and Feel Like Windows 7 – Complete with a Start Menu

Not a fan of the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen? We’ll teach you how to restore the traditional Windows 7 style Start Menu on Windows 8/8.1 and make Microsoft’…
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  1. Step 1: Uninstall Windows 8
    Step 2: Install Windows 7
    Step 3: Enjoy

  2. who is that girl… she should go and visit a doctor… her beauty is
    ridiculously *S-I-C-K*

  3. I have a windows 7. D: I WANT WINDOWS 8!!!

  4. I am an IT worker, and I don’t like 8 at all, and your video was not only
    helpful but very entertaining…. i am an old timer, being I had to go get
    a piece of paper to learn what I know, it wasn’t ANYTHING I was born into

  5. Thanks SO MUCH for this great video tutorial. Just bought a new desktop
    tower with Win 8. Agree with your reactions, and some viewer comments: user
    hostile sums it up well. This OS is giving my pc an identity crisis. Wants
    it to act like my smartphone and tablet, with apps and moving tiles. Except
    one problem. Using a mouse! Maybe I’ll warm up to it, I don’t know. My
    machine came with a shell icon so all I had to do was click, install and
    run. That’s more like it. 

  6. The Windows 8 screen reminds me of the sticker books that my 3-year old
    grand-daughter likes so much. Just how old are those geniuses in Silicone
    Valley anyway?

  7. I was looking for a cure for “cannot detect proxy” which has driven me to
    distraction, when I happened upon this. It doesn’t help with my proxy
    problem, but oh boy does it make my life easier. I cannot thank you enough.

  8. Came here to find exactly this information, and this was my first hit in
    the youtube list. Awesome video well presented and easy to follow. Good job

  9. The ability to change the UI, in the Win 8.1, I bought, is why I can state,
    to friends, *I LIKE WINDOWS 8.1 !!!!!!!!!*
    Becuase I do.
    I didn’t like it very much before I changed the GUI.
    Underneath that GUI is a fast and stable [and *almost* secure enough] and
    pretty friendly MSWindows.
    I am no luddite, I am a Linux User and in my world, GUI is optional, we
    have a lot of choices so if I see a GUI I don’t like, I just install
    another, no need to revert to another operating system like so many
    youtuber threaten to do. I especially laugh when I see comments like:
    This is ENOUGH! I am switching to LINUX.
    [then they get a live ubuntu and are confronted with Unity Desktop. Or
    Fedora, with it’s default GNome Shell….. *HAHA!*]
    I would caution MSWindwos users to NOT BLOODY DO THAT, it is like
    regretting the pistol you have and replacing it with artilery…… most
    MSWindows users cannot handle The Power…. they should stick with what
    they know and not be, uh, *Cutting off the nose to spite the face.*

    Never mind.
    Just sayin’

  10. Why is that stupid bitch even there? “MMMMMM RIGHT, YA, OKAY,MMM COOL”

  11. If you take a look at the latest video on my channel, there is something
    there that will interest all of you. It took me hours to get it done, but
    My windows 8 looks EXACTLY like a better version of windows 7. I am sure u
    will all love it just as much as I did. I know its hard to trust people who
    post stuff like this, but just check out the video and u wont be even a
    little skeptacle

  12. I have a next book with a full version of Win 8.1 I discovered that if you
    hold down the windows key and press X it will bring up the “standard” menu
    with all the familiar old school start menu things including shutdown. 

  13. I have to express my frusteration. I am going to be getting a laptop but
    EVERY one of them that I am interested in is coming with windows 8.1. I
    hate it & would rather not pay to get windows SEVEN installed…..

    much for posting this. I really thought I was going to have to BLOW UP my
    new laptop and go on EBAY to buy a older used laptop. MICROSOFT YOU SUCK,
    and WINDOWS 8 YOU SUCK. Have you ever heard of the saying what isn’t broke
    ….DON’T FIX IT!!! Thanks again for this video, EVERYTHING you said is

  15. lol i live in sydney

  16. Not Thanks. Windows 8 and 8.1 were clusterfucks. Windows 10 is a
    combination of Windows 7 with Apps too. So Meh with that one. Apps just
    don’t belong on the desktop in my opinion. That’s why I use Linux Mint 17.1
    Cinnamon because it’s easier to use and there are no apps too.

  17. This was good, thank you. 

  18. I thought that Windows 8 was one of the easiest operating systems to use. I
    used to be a Windows XP and Ubuntu user as well.

  19. Thank you so much, I’m buying a laptop soon :) I’ve been an XP user for 12
    years, and never used any other system on my PCs so far. I gotta adapt to 8
    because of a translation program I have to use requiring 8. The transition
    from XP to 8 will be so painful for me, but that will sure be a relief :)

  20. Hey, I still miss Windows Vista.

  21. Phew I thought it was just me, Windows 8 is a drag to use;efficient,
    technical to use & no fun or am I being dyslexic? I want my XP back-bit
    slower but..

  22. Hi I just buy windows 8.1 for my aunt it is a joke why did they have to
    change this, we are all dyslectic in the world.If you buy this for the old
    people they will go crazy and pull they hair out they will call you all the
    time for your help then you go mad as well. microsofe WHY.

  23. you guys are awesome thx for sharing

  24. I am part of that great group of er…computer users who does not
    understand what to do when things don’t ‘go right’ and I’m not much better
    with other items such as digital tv ‘set top boxes’ or mobile phones; or
    electrical items such as microwave ovens or lights that stop working
    despite a new bulb etc.
    So thank you very much for posting such a friendly and reassuring video
    about how to ‘normalise’ Windows 8. Not that I was confident before, but it
    is so much worse now, with ’tiles’ and not being able to view Skype on the
    same screen with Google etc. Thank you!

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