Meet Cortana: Windows Phone’s virtual assistant | Engadget

Microsoft has just announced Cortana, a new voice search tool for Windows Phone 8.1. Powered by Bing, it will eventually replace the search function in Windo…


  1. Next time I talk to my brother, remind me to ask about his nudes.

  2. I like. When will be available for Lumia 928

  3. Its a copy cat of siri and google now , dont agree with me I dont care ,
    copy cats always fail one way or another 

  4. how bout jerk face? really?? lolololol this was so awkward lolol

  5. You won’t find Google taking Microsoft to court for this unlike some
    corporations… AHM… Apple.

  6. Amazing!!

  7. who’s your father?
    Bill Gates?

  8. +Engadget What phone model are you using in this video? Is WP 8.1 available
    already for Lumia 928?

  9. “We’re going to make her smarter; We’re going to give her more
    “Just like Google Now and Siri, if you don’t memorize a list of phrases she
    knows, you’ll look like an idiot talking to an unresponsive piece of
    plastic. Also, gags and internet memes.”

  10. would be cool if she spoke in glados’ voice. male voice would be nice too,
    something like an old british butler that would call you sir

  11. UI is shit

  12. Bit late to the party don’t you think? This tech is expected not exciting.
    Wearable tech is the exciting stuff, what have Microsoft got in store for

  13. i love that its named cortana thats so dope

  14. “Call him jerkface”
    “aww he’s not that bad… let’s call him SCHMUK”


  15. I’ve never really use these voice assistant. I just search or something
    like that and it’s a bit wired talking to a phone?

  16. #1.) Congrats on Microsoft for finally taking some advantage of their
    I.P.s. #2.) I have a GS4 and have used Siri and I can tell you that this
    looks the best of all 3.

  17. if putting Cortana is “copying from Siri” then i guess noone should ever be
    allowed to put music player, games, messaging or even camera on their
    phone! (coz thats copyin too). Its quite an essential part of smartphone
    experience now! And btw embrace Cortana in time, coz its gonna be the best
    thing in this department within a year!!!

  18. Will Cortana be like Siri/Google Now for Nexus 5 or like Google Now on Moto
    X that with just saying Cortana it summons her?

  19. Looks like they got better implementation of virtual assistant.. thumbs up
    ms. Keep it up

  20. Now release it for the Play Store and App Store

  21. And ofcourse it won’t be available for my lumia 800 — fuck Windows phone

  22. Nice

  23. Aandroid copying Java for making Phone OS LOL

  24. @bmorant1902 if that is copy then is app stores, cameras, texting calling
    and everything else be copy cat so fuck you

  25. @RensDevogeleer yes it will but later. After some months

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