MicroNugget: GNS3 and Windows 8

In this MicroNugget, CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker explains how to connect GNS3 to a live physical network in Windows 8. Visit cbt.gg/HcukSF for th…
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  1. HELP! I Got the router (R1) connected to the cloud to connect to internet &
    pinged. How do you set up “ip route” for default gateway to another router
    (R2) directly connected to R1?

    I tried “ip route fastEthernet 0/0” & many
    other ip routes commands like this but no success. Can YOU PLEASE MAKE A
    VIDEO or PM or reply back to answer question

  2. Thanks for another great video Keith. It’s important to note that enabling
    ICS (internet connection sharing) will prevent AnyConnect from connecting.
    To get this to work, simply stop the ICS service, connect with AnyConnect,
    and restart the ICS service.

  3. THANK YOU!! First off – I have a year subscription at CBTNuggets.com
    (which is totally worth it!). I just passed ICND1 and I am working towards
    ICND2 now with Jeremy. However I decided to watch Keith’s series on GNS3
    which has been awesome up til the nugget in which we connect GNS3 to the
    internet. I have windows 8 and I have been stuck on this nugget for a week
    now, this youtube micronugget just got me past that! So Thanks, seriously!
    But I wish the CBT website had an alert or note within their GNS series
    notifying us that the instructions for bridging the loopback to physical
    adapter and then using them in GNS3 will fail if you have windows 8.
    Anyhow, I am just glad that I found this micronugget linked in a forum..
    can’t wait to continue the journey of networking.

  4. GREAT :)

  5. Great vid. Thank you!

  6. I did the same thing, but when I try to ping to the loopback interface that
    didn’t work for me ! HELP

  7. Hi Keith,
    I was having issues connecting ASA on GNS3 to the internet on Windows 8,
    you do have one video but its for Windows 7. I tried the video above on the
    router it is perfectly working fine however on ASA i failed. If you have
    info I would greatly appreciate that… thanks…

  8. Thanks a lot Keith.Exist any similar tutorial for linux (ubuntu) ?

  9. MicroNugget Alert! Keith Barker explains how to connect GNS3 in Windows 8:

  10. MicroNugget Alert! Keith Barker explains how to connect GNS3 in Windows 8:

  11. Open source software, with fairly new Windows versions ? There are still
    some issues to work out, and sounds like you are running into some. I don’t
    know why adding the switch would cause a failure. As a work around, avoid
    using a switch. If you must have a switch, you may want to use a router
    switch module in GNS3, which can provide similar functionality. Hope that
    helps, Keith

  12. Thank you for this video, I was struggling with the old method wondering
    why I couldn’t get it to work. I’ll have to try this out next time I am
    playing with GNS3. Love these micronuggets, keep em coming! :)

  13. Hi keith, Great Video but i am in a bit of a strange problem. I am running
    windows 8 pro with GNS3 0.8.5. I am able to connect GNS3 router to my pc’s
    loopback but if add a switch between the router and cloud than there is a
    lot of packet loss. Can you explain the reason Why is that? THanx.

  14. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the videos! Keith

  15. Hi Patrick- I am not sure there is a working solution for that with
    VBox/GNS3/Win8.x at the moment. I would be interested in any testing you do
    that may allow it. Keith

  16. Hi Keith Thks for Sharing this info , one Question do , it is working for
    internet this way but how to reach my local network without adding another
    Cloud and using another interface ? in windows 7 i was bridging my wifi and
    loopback i was able to access internet and my local area network … So i
    can use sdc cpp cucm etc…. with my own computer . Did only way i found is
    trought vm right now :) Thks again !!! love your micro nuggets !!!! keep up
    the good work !!!! thks !!!!! a BIG FAN

  17. You are welcome! You can request MicroNugget topics in the link found in
    the description above.

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