Microsoft BUILD 2014 – Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Demo.

A Developers conference. Today Microsoft introduce Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 Update 1 for PC already Available starts from April 8th 201…


  1. Will they make an official Facebook app?

  2. There’s something called Siri this phone looks shit and very big

  3. That phone is enormous… 

  4. Get a haircut dude!

  5. These features do not amuse me if its available to particularly expensive
    windows phone i can still go with any cheaper android ones, microsoft
    should understand we need usability in terms of games, hefty html 5
    browsers, a playable file system and all the functionality which a windows
    desktop operating system can do and most importantly some good productivity
    apps just as available to iphone.

  6. That terrible hair is a distraction form. I can’t hear anything being
    spoken due to the hair.

  7. Siri is number 1

  8. You need to invest into some better internet speeds. Who the hell has
    “buffering” in videos these days :P

  9. we lost that in-built fb app because of 8.1 update. And 8.1 offers a wrost
    fb app.
    We need that in-built fb app back. Direct chat from messaging, uload photo

  10. 8.1 is going to be fucking awesome. iOS and android are gay 

  11. Great stream without lag! Good work, thanks :D

  12. Apple, well you started it but, Microsoft is just too strong. All is about
    software..not about logo;)

  13. Very Amazing in Window Phone 8.1!!!

  14. does cotana like big stick

  15. Windows 8.1 is awesome on my Wacom Companion PC tablet. Mac losers have no
    touch screen and rely on Bootcamp or Parallel to get access to Windows
    Apps! Bunch of Mac beggars

  16. Even if all the governments of the world pooled their resources and put
    their best minds to the task, they could not create a bigger tool than this
    guy. We would need extra-terrestrial help to build a tool large enough to
    overshadow this man’s douche baggery. Lumia 520 + WP 8.1

  17. Like!!! Currently running this now ( developer version) on my 925! love it.
    Just started my own videos here on youtube. My 5aday. I just take 5 apps
    that are not known and review them. Hunting for those hidden gems in the
    store. :)

  18. whats the lockscreen feature ?? how to do that ?

  19. Nice!

  20. Microsoft BUILD 2014 – Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Demo.


  21. He is like a half asian. Haha wp8.1 rockss

  22. Dreams come TRUE..CORTANA !

  23. anyone have that wallpapers pls ? :)

  24. the only thing the phone can´t do, is a phone call.

  25. Microshit

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