Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Unboxing & Review – Photoshop, Gaming, etc

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Unboxing & Review - Photoshop, Gaming, etc

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get another video out guys, my son breaking his
    arm really slowed thing down but he’s doing great after surgery and now
    it’s onto making more videos!

  2. Why not buy a Wacom Citriq so you can draw in photoshop with your main

  3. Even though it was a year ago hope he’s fully recovered and gets back to
    being a badass kid he’s so cool hope everything works out with Microsoft
    dropping you and he can still get his medical attention 

  4. I don’t mean to sound dumb or anything but can you play the oculus rift on
    the surface pro 2?

  5. Hey the pro 3 is a waste of money because the pro 2 is smaller the weight
    is not that different even though they say it is and it doesn’t pinch me

  6. Your first language is English??? 

  7. This guy actually works for Microsoft and for the Windows development team
    but this is a really thorough review of the surface pro 2.

  8. Just a thing though, there is nothing like a “unbiased opinion”. Any
    opinion, by definition is biased. You can state facts (specs, measurements,
    ppi, etc). But an opinion is always biased. 

  9. I love this man XD Barnacules you are the best!

  10. The best way to say is one is a tablet tablet and the other is a tablet

  11. Wow that looks amazing 

  12. I bought the Acer t100 about a year ago and I love it. So there is an
    alternative that’s not as beefy for those who need a win32 environment. 

  13. +Barnacules Nerdgasm Two Questions, One do you have the new Surface Pro 3.
    Two, what program do you use to edit your videos? Thanks, Love the channel
    keep the videos coming.

  14. I cringed when he pulled out the controller to play source with..

  15. can you do a video on minecraft on the surface pro 2

  16. i don’t understand why u play CS with out mouse? how can u paly wihtout
    mous? Woldn’t u want to play cs with a mouse? does it not work with a
    mous on the surface pro 2? I am thinking about getting one. I already
    have a SP3 for myself, but I think I will get a sp2 for my son and wife to
    draw. thx! please let me kno. thx! They are about $550 these days.

  17. Get the next book 10.1 inch its basically the surface but way cheaper

  18. I just love my hp pavillion x2

  19. i wish my family could afford to buy this for me

  20. Jerry, your a heck of a salesman. I’am a big Mac user 9k Pro, iMacs ,
    iPhone, and iPads . I want to go out and buy the Microsoft Suface Pro 2
    now that I’ve watched your review. Thanks

  21. Actually Microsoft did pay you to but the Surface Pro. You bought it from
    your salary. (I assume)

  22. Hey I thought your review was just fine. I love the pro 2. It gave me back
    a good chunk of my living room. ;D
    I was just thinking, couldn’t you use the usb port on the charger to power
    your stuff instead of packing around the powered hub? I don’t use any
    hardware that needs more than one so I don’t really know, but I thought it
    might be worth mentioning anyway.

  23. Surface Pro 3 review!

  24. May sound like a novice question but does the Surface Pro have the
    microsoft applications such as word, excel, and powerpoint? And another
    question would be that could the Surface Pro run/install Google chrome as
    well? I would like my tablet to be a miniature version of my desktop so i
    can take it around school with ease. 

  25. Considering you worked at Microsoft, have you ever tried Linux? If you want
    buy a laptop with Ubuntu (an easy Linux distro) preinstalled, check out
    System76. (Even though it’s not hard to install it)

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