Microsoft Windows 8.1 Overview – Newegg TV

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Overview - Newegg TV | Operating Systems: sku: 32-416-712 Windows 8.1 has new ways for you to personalize your PC, and includes a wave…
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  1. im runing windows 8.1 its ok i use it like windows 7 don’t see the point

  2. Nicely done video.

  3. Does the 8.1 Pro include Microsoft’s office or words 

  4. windows 8.2 should have the choice of normal desktop or win8

  5. So I bought a new computer. After I do initial setup of windows 8 and try
    to restart. It boots up to nothing. Can’t do Shift + F8, Can’t do
    Ctrl+Alt+Del. FML

  6. windows 8 PERIOD, is horrible. Windows 7 runs not only better, but BETTER,
    and its visual components make sense for that not of a touchscreen. And its
    stupid touch screen(thats what it really is) is always running int he

  7. amazing windows 8.1 is pure awesomeness 

  8. So, I am building a new high end gaming rig. Would you suggest I get win8.1
    or stick with win7. I do not plan on getting a touch screen and I will have
    this rig for about 4 years. anyone with experience in both please reply. I
    am currently attending university for software engineering. I am mostly
    concerned that win7 is beginning to lose software update supports, and as
    for win8.1 I am concerned some programs and games will not be compatable. I
    am currently using win7. 

  9. I don’t like Metro! It is bad!

  10. Do you know a big reason why 8 sucks? Ok, it’s simple. No file explorer in
    Metro. You have to bounce back to Desktop to do it. — Microsoft –
    Geniuses at work.

  11. This is an excellent clip to watch for both the inexperienced as well as
    the experienced. I learned a few new tricks as I am sure all of you will

  12. “Live tiles which a lot of people are very fond of.” –LIAR!

  13. Windows 8.1 is like using an old version of Windows and saying this is old
    technology. whoever designed this, is old fashioned

  14. Windows 8.1 Pro Comes with 2 dvds the 32bit dvd is the 32bit version the
    64bit dvd is the 64bit vewrsion

  15. At first I thought Windows 8 was garbage but after watching this video it
    actually looks pretty cool and not as confusing as people say it is

  16. Is there a way to just make that start menu button on the desktop to act
    exactly like windows 7 instead of opening up to the metro interface, i want
    it to just open the stuff like it was in windows 7

  17. Still no option to choose a more traditional start menu?? That was MY
    biggest gripe, hate knowing I have to use a third party app just for a
    start menu that looks traditional.

  18. why didn’t they just make it a firmware update instead of making us have to
    pay more money???

  19. what case is that to the left?

  20. there’s another significant difference between retail and OEM:

    Say you install windows on “Computer A”.
    Then a year later, you throw “Computer A” in the trash and install windows
    on “Computer B”.
    You can’t do that with the OEM key. It will only ever work for the first
    computer you use it on.

    With the FULL VERSION key, you can still only have windows on one computer
    at a time, but you can call microsoft and get them to reset your key so
    that you can use it on a new computer. 

  21. I can’t stand the windows 8 UI. I understand the growing market of the
    mobile world, but Microsoft needs to stop trying to turn my PC into a
    fucking tablet! Hopefully the next OS will be better, assuming we keep
    following the hit and miss pattern of Microsoft’s OS’s.

  22. WINDOZE 8.1 _64 Bit OEM
    $99.00 , DVD, NOT DLC .
    DEAL !!!

  23. I think he said oem is comes with either the 32 bit or 64 bit version,
    where retail comes with both. Also, oem does not give you support from
    micrsoft where retail does. So, if you don’t need both 32 bit and 64 bit
    disks and you don’t need support from microsoft, oem is equal. That’s what
    I understood.

  24. whats the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit

  25. i have a question, im in need of a new install for windows 7 but i dont
    dont want to be able to install windows 3 times before the product key is
    useless… so my question is what kind of windows do i need to do many
    installs, as i install windows alot. so i want to be able to install
    windows multiple times without getting product key errors…thanks i hope
    you guys can help.

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