Microsoft’s Build 2013 Dev Conference Day 1 – Windows 8.1 Preview launch

Microsoft's Build 2013 Dev Conference Day 1 - Windows 8.1 Preview launch

Watch the launch of Windows 8.1 Preview and more For all things Windows 8.1:

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  1. He sounds very tired. 

  2. Fergus Williams & Oliver Butler – Nova

  3. 1:32:15 “incest applications”

  4. Interesting!

  5. I remember watching this live 😀 However until the stream cut off when they
    was about to give away the surface pro -.-

  6. Silverlight is very good… It’s instant here. Maybe because of the

  7. simply one word: Amazing!

  8. Julie stop plastic surgery and do some sport your heart and breathing are
    not normal at all

  9. she is sinking

  10. is there going to be a microsoft surface pro 2 reveal in the next few days
    in this microsoft conference, or will that be announced months away?

  11. The PC guy is gettin out of the suits, into pyjamas and tees. 8.1 is gonna
    go places.

  12. Google Chrome using Silverlight… maybe.

  13. low resolution

  14. she is nervous

  15. Thank-you so much for uploading this video, Microsoft’s Channel9 buffers
    then immediately stops. Microsoft sure do love using their silverlight

  16. she sounds really out of breath lol

  17. what is the name of the intro song ? its really cool …. B:

  18. microsoft is getting cool

  19. There will be this year when the full release of 8.1 is made, i suggest you
    wait for it because it will have 4g and LTE support and it will be alot
    better than the current generation, still the current ones are great!!

  20. thanks ! 😀

  21. kdo včera neviděl, zde je záznam celé *Microsoft Build 2013* keynote

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