My top 20 Windows 8 Apps- Microsoft Surface RT Twitter: Twitter-…
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  1. BOA bad choice do the research.

  2. Hey I’m also a follower of Chris Pirillo

  3. Nice Bleach background

  4. It’s all about Barcelona

  5. you shoud upadate ur “top” list :) After 8.1 came u have a lot more ways to
    do, and more easy once! :-)

  6. do you still have the tablet?
    did you jailbreak to install desktop apps?

  7. is soulcraft free?

  8. Im getting a Microsoft Surface, now when your on Desktop mode do you need
    the Keyboard add on? Cause I bought this on Black Friday and Im pretty sure
    it has no Keyboard included

  9. Why do you put games in your “top 20 apps” list you obviously never played
    before? how can they be in your top list if you’ve never played them?!

  10. #surfacepro 

  11. The only useful application is Food & Drink. Everything else is trash.

  12. google has not released an app for that

  13. that background image on rowi is my facebook profile pic lol

  14. I have the trial version of angry birds star wars and its the best game I
    have. Very smooth and addicting, and there are lots of levels even on the
    free version

  15. I really like it, very smooth, apps are coming in daily. to replace a
    notebook. Depends on what you use your laptop for. If you only need office
    suite on the desktop site. then yes. its an awesome replacement. If you
    need more wait for the pro version

  16. you can just browse

  17. GVoice is $1.99 not free

  18. There is not alot games such as angry birds rio, race games ect :(

  19. you know you can buy an USB adapter and connect up to 4 USB devices all at
    once! See this video this will convince you.. you can connect almost

  20. Ain´t nobody got app for that !

  21. I totally agree with you Simon

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  23. Hows your experience with it so far,is this a tablet you would recommend to
    anybody ? is it good enough to replace a notebook ?

  24. there is youtube rt….basically the same thing

  25. Top 20 app? That’s like the entire store

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