NEW!!! ATI Catalyst Control Center and Switchable Graphics fix for windows 7, 8, 8.1 (Step by step)

How to fix and repair any ATI AMD graphics issue. Catalyst Control Center and Switchable Graphic fix for windows 7, windows 8 etc. If solution don’t help you, then probably you need to go…
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  2. Hi, great video with step to step. My main problem is the black box around
    my screen.

    I’m having a problem with the installation part. Afterwards it says error
    occurred or words like that. Audio and HDMI doesn’t install.

    So I can’t open catalyst center. 

  3. Can you help me? When im starting skyrim it only shows me the intel card
    and the amd isnt even shown

  4. an error saying something failed with the install package failure , I don’t
    really understand how to fix this .
    I follow every steps , but still can’t get AMD display driver

  5. I still lost switchable graphics trying this, but at least everything else
    installed without a problem, for once.

  6. Can someone help me with this error or issue , I don’t know WHAT THE FUCK
    IT Is…

    I have : CPU : Dual Core 1.8 GPU : ATI Radeon X1300/X1550 Series ,

    OS : Win. 8.1 Pro

    I’m getting this pixels after 5 min after I run a game(any game) and then

  7. Thank you VERY VERY VERY … VERY !!! MUCH ! I didn’t want to try it at
    first because i didn’t want to screw something but it worked ! :) Thanks a
    lot, by the way is that Intel 4k part a must to do or can I skip it ? i
    dont want to screw stuff, again… thanks a lot. :)

  8. I install it but there is no switchable graphic,I have core i3 new gen and
    AMD 7670 HD but its not working,I have installed it many times correctly
    but there is no switchable graphic.Please help me…

  9. I tried this twice now and I still can’t get switchable graphics. I have an
    AMD Radeon HD 7310 

  10. I’ve tried this method twice and it didnt work for me. Everything else
    downloaded but when i click on the switchable graphics option it doesn’t
    open. :/
    Good video btw.

  11. I did it exactly like the video, but my control center is the exact same as

  12. I am receiving code 43 no matter how matter how many time i retry
    installing. Pls help.
    I even tried using the Driver Sweeper software but still the same error.

  13. While I was uninstalling the drivers and such, there was no AMD Driver in
    the device manager after I uninstalled CCC and the other things in that
    step, is that an Issue or am I fine?

  14. i really don’t know what the problem with my graphic because when i’m
    trying to install it shows me a message that told me your install package
    is failure while i really need some help with that. and another thing is
    before i install the new update the whole problem wasn’t appear so would
    hepl plz 

  15. Well im having an issue that everytime i try to do what you are explaining
    up here it appears an error saying something failed with the package
    instalation :( can you help me please ?

  16. Hi!
    Great video by the way.
    I still have a problem.
    On my BIOS Setup Utility, the Switchable Graphics option isn’t there. Is it
    normal? How must I proceed?


  17. So will I still get the switchable graphics option and the power menu if I
    have a desktop?

  18. Which laptop do you have? and is there a way to disable graphic card while
    boot up and let it use VGA ( Intel ) instead of ATI as I am getting
    Black/Blank screen after boot logo. I am sure its because of the ATI :/

  19. uhhh there is only amd catalyst install manager T_T

    plz help i need this

  20. my switchable graphics still missing i did what u did there but still
    missing pls help :(

  21. Unfortunately, this video has caused me some pretty big problems! After
    following these instructions, both my display adapters gave a Code 43
    error. I tried the system restore but my display adapters still don’t
    work… they give a Code 52 error..

  22. Dude there is no INTEL(R) at my Display Adapters, only ATI RADEON… i
    think that’s why it doesn’t work? how to get INTEL(R)..?

  23. Didn’t work for me… CCC just won’t open.

  24. Hi, can you help me ?
    I tried this method,but it didn’t work,and in the bios i have just date and
    clock in bleu and the rest in white,thanks

  25. Hi, I’m having an issue with my control center. I am not able to see the
    switchable graphics portion under the power tab. If I right click on the
    desktop and then click the “configure switchable graphics”, it just pops up
    with something random like the Hydrabox settings. Whenever I go to play a
    game it doesn’t switch to the Radeon card and stays with the Intel card. I
    also have no option to change what graphics card to use for each
    application inside the control center. Any Ideas?

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