New In Windows 8.1 How to open Multiple Internet Explorer Apps

The new Internet Explorer App in Windows 8.1 can be opened 3 times in a monitor. Multiple Monitors means that you can have many more internet explorer apps o…


  1. Parents have bought a new computer. Unfortunately it has windows 8.1 on it
    which neither my mother or I have ever used. My mother is asking me how to
    use it and I went round to try and figure it out. But it baffles me. After
    I’ve opened the mail the Internet Explorer Browser icon no longer functions
    correctly. Instead of opening the web it takes me back to the mail! I have
    to go to the old desktop and get on the web from there.

    Any ideas anyone?

  2. Oh this is just ridiculous. You’re going far too fast!

  3. Sorry but you tend to confuse people more than teaching them a useful
    thing. It seems like you know what you are doing but you were not prepared
    to demonstrate it properly.

  4. Very helpful…. thank you

  5. Jut won’t let me use 3 things 

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