New in Windows Phone 8.1 Xbox Music App

New in Windows Phone 8.1 Xbox Music App

In this video I give you a tour of the New Windows Phone 8.1 Music app and all the great features that have been added as well as where there needs to be imp…

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  2. How do I redownload the Xbox Music app again, I have my own Xbox account
    and my mom has her own but she has the Xbox music pass so I get my music
    from her, but I deleted the Xbox Music app off my phone to update it to
    the black but when I finished I couldn’t download it again and I can’t
    listen to the music I download on my because I don’t have the license to
    listen to it anymore because what the Xbox music did was update the songs
    to my Xbox music +video so I could listen to them.

  3. How to put a background singer in the player?

  4. But still no live tile

  5. can you help me out on this issue ?? I have the xbox music pass its working
    fine on my pc and ipod but unfortunately its stopped working on my windows
    phone after the 8.1 developers update. Is that any way you can suggest me
    any solutions ??

  6. what about the search feature?

  7. how do u got the pictures in the albumboxes

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