New Invention – Deltaprintr – A simple, affordable, expandable 3D Printer!

The Deltaprintr is a new take on efficient, high-resolution 3D printing. Take your designs to new heights! Support them on Kickstarter: kickstarte


  1. This is everything but no new invention…
    All ideas are stolen from reprap opensource communities and yes. I say
    Earning money with Open Source Projects is one of my favorites.

  2. $700 Delta vs $850 Solidoodle 2// i dunno… I’m still looking for a $100
    3D Printer, closest I came was the RepRap Max 1.5, for $150 but it requires
    constant calibration for different shapes and sizes (and compiling your own
    profiles and firmware). I guess it’s just too early.

  3. price

  4. Could I use for this for small high impact plastic parts and what is cost

  5. This thing Is SO COOL!!!! Great job, guys! :D

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