Nextbook 10.1 Windows 8.1 tablet laptop New Out Of The Box Review

Discover with me what is in the box, and starting up my new Nextbook! (I found the model# on the box UPC code NXW10QC32G) I have had a desktop PC at home and work since 1990 and have used …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TO HARD RESTART: • If you cannot get into your tablet, you will have to
    perform an external reset.
    • The tablet MUST be powered OFF.
    • You are going to press the “Power Button” until you see Nextbook on the
    screen and RIGHT AWAY hold power button down until it powers OFF. You are
    going to do this about 2-3 times in a row. DO NOT let the device power up
    all the way. As soon as you see the Nextbook logo on the screen, POWER OFF
    and do this until you see “Preparing Automatic Repair” underneath the
    Nextbook logo. Once you see this message let the power button go.
    • After a couple of seconds you will see “Diagnosing your PC”, and just
    wait a couple more seconds.
    • You will then see a blue screen stated as “Recovery”, you will have to
    then select on “Advanced Options”.
    • Then you are going to get four options to choose from, select
    • This will then give you three more options, select “Reset you PC”.
    The following window will then let you know a couple of more details on
    what exactly the reset does. Once you read through them, tap “Next”.
    AND SO ON, follow the remainder of the on-screen prompts. “From the
    Nextbook support page”

  2. ***Update*** I have been using this for a few days now and I really like
    it. After turning over my first born to Microsoft and establishing all the
    “accounts” and passwords I find this unit to be pretty darn fast. As a
    reader it is fantastic. Sharp and clear. I downloaded Asphalt 8 for a
    racing game and it runs great. All the videos I have tried ran fine as does
    Java. Asphalt 8 sucks juice and the area over the battery gets pretty warm
    but battery life has not been a concern as of yet. I still struggle with
    finding the screen keyboard, finding Apps, and there are times when the
    hard keyboard MUST be connected to get characters to type on screen. This
    unit has 2x the capability I will ever require from it. Do not buy this for
    the camera! Beyond poor.

  3. **Update** If you are buying this for a child-teen be full aware that it is
    a FULL computer and the same as a desktop or laptop with full internet
    access on wifi and bluetooth. Also Microsoft setting can reveal your
    location. You must take control as the password protected Administrator and
    set parental controls on the child’s userID for safe surfing and prevent
    access to adult sites. Start smart!

  4. I was out shopping today and bought a $2.99 tablet pen-stylus (Vivitar) and
    it works fantastic on this tablet, and also a $2.99 set of earbuds 3.5mm
    jack and they work great also. The stylus is really nice for poking small
    links on web pages.

  5. If you buy one of these or any windows laptop-tablet I can recommend this
    game! Asphalt 8 Airborne racing game free in the MS app store.

  6. Mine says “not connected – no connections are available”
    How do you factory reset this 8.1 nextbook WITHOUT internet

  7. How to you switch between the front camera and back camera 

  8. 1 gig running W8… nah

  9. Thanks for the review :)

  10. I got one for my 9 yr old daughter and the cameras sick bad

  11. so funny that he covers the name he gave his computer(which gives as much
    information as knowing his dogs name) but shows his facebook profile
    including his full name.

  12. What would happen if you charge it overnight? just got it for Christmas and
    you mentioned not to charge it over night.

  13. My screen turns black right after i put in the password to enter. Can
    anyone help? is there a hard reset i can do since i can not access my

  14. how do you screenshot on this??

  15. My nextbook 8 won’t turn on. I’ve tried pressing the power button and
    everything. I keep charging it but the light only turns red then to orange.
    I just got it for Christmas and I haven’t been able to turn it on for 2

  16. Thanks for making this video! I’ve had one on Layaway as a Christmas
    present for a few weeks and I’ve been trying to find reviews and info about
    it ever since because its such a new machine feedback hasn’t been easy to
    find. I did a bit of research and in my price range this was the best one I
    found so its good to know people are enjoying it!! Hopefully my teenage
    daughter doesn’t plan on using it to Skype from the negative Camera reviews
    I’ve seen.

  17. Lol, its 51 degrees…not that I care. Lol. That was funny

  18. Does anyone know where I can find a pen-stylus for this device? I’ve been
    wanting to use it for drawing and graphic designs for a while now but I
    haven’t found a stylus that’s compatible with this.

  19. I’m wanting this to use mainly for a dual enrollment class in high school.
    Is this a good choice for its price? Also does netflix work pretty good on
    this tablet? The tablet I have now is outdated and I’m looking for a cheap

  20. Is this tablet worth buying if you can’t access google apps? For social
    media and Candy crush games?

  21. Interesting to see a review from someone who doesn’t know everything in the
    field. It shows a different perspective, one that isn’t expecting as much.
    The one thing that would bother me is that damn reflective screen!

  22. I got one of these the other day. For some reason the battery dies fast
    like every other day with or without use. Is anyone else experiencing this.
    I even tried killing apps before putting it away. Bluetooth is off etc. Am
    I the only one experiencing this? Need to know so I can go exchange in time

  23. HAHHAHHAH it is the Colonel

  24. what happens when you charge it over night 

  25. Ok, thanks for telling me.

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