Nextbook 8 – Windows 8.1

Nextbook 8 – Windows 8.1.

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  1. i use this device for watching porn and hot pics…. I’m returning it to
    walmart today 

  2. I just purchased this from Walmart earlier today, the LCD on the device is
    so terrible that I took it back after 3 hours. Looking at the screen is
    like looking through a foggy blurry piece of garbage. Otherwise the specs
    are decent enough that if you plan on hooking it up to an external monitor
    via the HDMI and setting up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse it could
    potentially replace a laptop.

  3. not worth the money i bought my friend one she has nothing but issues with
    it wifi barly works its slow and dont turn on sometimes it need to be

  4. Can someone help me delete all these useless apps my daughter downloaded
    please asap be for I break it

  5. Thanks For The Review, I Hope When I Get The Tablet It Will Be The Best

  6. I guess El Reg found the right words: “Walmart’s $99 crap-let will make
    people hate Windows 8.1 even more”

  7. where can I buy one?

  8. Trailer-trash here we come !

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