Nokia Lumia 630 Hands On – $159 Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Lumia 630 Hands On – – We are taking a look at the new Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 handset. It is based on the Qualcom…
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  1. I have this phone (I GOT IT FOR XMAS) but the only thing crap about it is
    that you can’t get snapchat :(

  2. Nokia’s reply to #iPhone5C . But this is so much cooler because it comes
    – Changeable panels
    – Single SIM/ Dual SIM/ LTE option. So, you get to choose what’s best for
    – Battery life seems great
    – Pricing is super
    – #WindowsPhone as an OS is gaining more and more popularity with every
    passing day. I don’t see it uprooting #Android anytime soon, but #iOS
    doesn’t seem like too much of a challenge.

  3. *Nokia Lumia 630 Hands On – $159 Windows Phone 8.1*

    this is imho the killer device of this years build conference. Starting at
    $159 you will get a 4.5-inch Windows Phone 8.1 handset with a 5MP camera.
    Btw… the dual-SIM version is $169 and the 4G $189!

    #nokialumia630 #nokia #twt 

  4. How to you turn this phone off? And does it have a battery charging light?

  5. Iphone 5c knock off.

  6. i will get this shit

  7. sweet best phone in this price range 

  8. No dedicated camera button any longer? This is absolutely new.

  9. 630 is the succesor of 620 not 530 or 525

  10. quite good but the battery capacity is i think not enough

  11. Really prefect phone at this price tag.

  12. Actually will it able to run heavy games like nova that requires 1gb of

  13. Specs are so MOTO G, the price range thought but wp8.1 still isn’t match
    for Android. 

  14. Cool, seems like Nokia’s spin on iPhone 5c but I definitely like this one
    better :)

  15. Disappointed this only has 512MB of memory, they should have packed at
    least 1GB.

  16. At 1:34 you can see he is using a Lumia 1020 to film, nice!

  17. Iphone will go bankrupt

  18. @MattiasE.N the 5c is a Nokia knock off. Nokia was doing the color thing

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