Nokia Lumia 630 Review – A Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Lumia 630 Review after using it for 3 weeks, the Lumia 630 is a entry level mid-range WP that comes pre-installed with Windows Phone 8.1 and I give you…
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  1. Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 Review – A decent WP but Nokia
    compromised on hardware features.

  2. At 5.46 the lock screen doesn’t move up easily and at 10.26 again you
    mentioned it. I have seen this device in at a Priority center and observed
    a lil uncontrolled screen swiping(Stutter) . Like the app screen for
    example doesn’t swipes along with your touch and tends to loose and regain
    sense after few millisecond.

    This can be a minor thing for some. But it’s kinda annoying when you face
    this often.
    +Ranjit Kumar Have you seen this problem?

  3. Lumia 525 or :Lumia 630 ??

  4. Which is best phone between 5000-7500bucks? And whats about huwaei honor

  5. That is not even close to the best Youtube player on WIndows Phone

    use myTube , Metrotube, toib … much much better and almost comparable
    experience with official app. (I checked with my iPhone rigourously)

  6. I’ve been using this phone for a few days now & I love it. I was using HTC
    1 V before & I hated it. Ofcourse I loved it when I first bought it just
    days after its release, but then the apps in the store got bigger & the
    phone couldn’t handle most of it. In the android phone most of my time I
    spent on the task manager killing backround apps which I had no control
    over. So this is my first Windows Phone experience & I’m abosolutely loving
    it. The ram may seem like it’s not enough, but the windows environmet is
    not that heavy like android. The apps that I regularly use (Twitter,
    Whatsapp, Line, Weather, News, Maps, Browser) are running smoothly & most
    of them are cross platform so I really didnt miss any app. If I miss an app
    it would be Youtube app, but i’m able to open YT in IE browser it’s smooth.
    1 major advantage of this phone is u can install apps directly on the SD
    card & even most of the preinstalled apps can be moved to the SD card. The
    SD card capacity can be upto 128 GB & the internal storage is 8 GB out of
    which 3-4 GB is usable. Regarding battery life there is a battery saver
    setting u can utilise to improve your battery life. I was able to use wifi
    long hours. On an average usage the phone will last for 1 1/2 days. If you
    are looking for a medium range smartphone with a nice user interface & a
    good battery life you should go for this phone.

  7. sir,pls let me know whether this mobile can support hike messenger ,mx
    player ?

  8. which one should i buy lumai 525 or 630

  9. sir it doesn’t come with proximity sensor like other sensor, it only came
    with orientation sensor , i am using its single sim variants. Proximity
    sensor always placed at the top of the phone where other sensors and front
    camera placed, but when you you cal any one and if u cover by your hand or
    ear only top of the phone not the screen then you see it’s not working..
    But I you touch by hand or ear top of the screen, the screen goes off, sir
    when you are covering the phone you also touch the upper portion of the
    screen that’s why the screen goes off, if you only cover the top of the
    Mobil it won’t goes off.. And sir I need a help , can I use mi battery bank
    10400mah with this Lumia 630, does it work???? I am asking because you
    doesn’t tell in the video does it wrk with Lumia 630 or not please tell me,
    and suggest me some other battery bank with price will be near from 1000,
    please do a reply…

  10. hello sir, please review the new nokia lumia 730 …..waiting!!

  11. i have been using lumia 520.. and it has major issues, like switching off
    frequently… does the lumia 630 has the same problem?

  12. Which company’s smartphone is a better buy below 20k Samsung ,HTC ,apple
    4…pls pls reply ..thank u


  14. U r great , bosss..

  15. Lol which apps are not available on windows man ?? using Lumia since last
    two years all required apps are there and providing best features .. i
    think u just stated using it ..use it man its awesome in apps too 

  16. when we are enable cortana facebook is working or not working. when i
    enable it the facebook was not working give me some solution 

  17. Is Cortana or Voice commands works without Data or Wifi??

  18. Can we do skype video call with screen cast on TV with lumia 630?

  19. very good pro review,similar to igyaan..

    plz sir


  22. how to stick music on this phone? maybe from itunes or something? and how
    good is the storage? I hear there is an sd card slot in it?

  23. good review sir. I have a doubt. Without a proximity sensor, how does the
    screen turn off when we talk on lumia 630?

  24. i am confused to buy a phone between nokia lumia 630 and moto G. Camera is
    not a issue. my usage is mostly to watch my 3-4 email accounts and about 30
    phones a day. watching a few videos or playing a few games while
    travelling. please suggest the best phone for me for a budget below 12k

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